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fandom:// Harry Potter is my #1, but I'm also interested in LotR and Lost fandoms. Buffy annoys me. Don't even try.

ships:// Potter-wise, I have three true pairings: Sirius/Remus, Harry/Draco and Severus/Lily. However, sometimes I'm in the mood for slash and I'll read anything slashy, and sometimes I'm in the mood for het and I'll read anything het. I can be found reading James/Sirius, Remus/Ginny, Severus/Harry or Lucius/Pansy if the mood strikes. In LotR, I like Merry/Pippin, Frodo/Sam and Aragorn/Arwen. In Lost, Charlie/Claire, Sayid/Sawyer, Sun/Michael and Shannon/Boone work for me.

fic loves:// 99.9 of the fics I read are Potter ones, so I'll base this off them. I love anything well written, basically, but my preferred genres are dark!fic, angst and romance. I enjoy slash immensely. Fics where romantic is the backbone but not the only thing going on usually appeal to me, as I like the characters to have more in their lives then just their lover. I enjoy creative use of cliches as well as retelling of traditional or popular stories just as much as I like new, original ideas. Length doesn't usually matter; I like short fics sometimes and other times want something more meaty. Fic with ic!characters is the best; I don't usually care for wildlyooc!characters at all. Depending on the author, I am not opposed to AUs. Marauders!Era and Trio!Era fics are my favourite time periods, but I'll check out well-written fics set at other times if people recommend them to me or the summary sounds interesting.

fic hates:// Original characters, unless they are extremely well developed, non-Mary Sue/Gary Stu and/or play very minor roles in the fic. Canon characters that are portrayed as very out of character in a non-AU fic don't usually appeal to me, unless there is either a good explanation for the behaviour or the fic is meant to be humourous; I'll accept a Light!Draco, if you explain why he made those choices and what has caused the changes in him, but a Draco who suddenly, without warning, decides to be kindly and sweet just never makes sense. Using tired cliches in uncreative ways never works. Jumping the gun in romance, suddenly having characters who were not previously attracted to each other fall in love out of the blue doesn't usually appeal to me; I prefer to see relationships develop, or be provided with a good explanation of why these people suddenly fell in love.

fic unsquicks:// slash, femmeslash (occasionally), Malfoy/Malfoy, character death, dark!fic, trauma, violence, graphic sexuality, twincest

fic squicks:// mpregs, human/animal pairings, beastiality, animal abuse, crude humour unless it's used by a character who acts that way in canon ( for instance, McNair), rape!fic (usually), torture, incest (usually)

loved cliches:// love potion (Irresistible Poison), light!Snape, light!Draco, dark!Draco, light/dark pairings, best friends falling in love, jealous!Ron, slytherinsexgod!Draco, ladiesman!Ron, shywithacrushonLily!Snape, snogging in the astronomy tower

despised cliches:// non-canon-veela!characters represented as veelas, characters who hate each other becoming friends or lovers instantaneously after being locked up in a room together/told to/matched up by a third party, vampire!characters who aren't vampires in canon, dark!Harry, light!Lucius

real life:// fiercefragile@lj

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