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  • What need have you to dread the monstrous crying of wind? by Pogonotrophy. » (1 reviews)

    [Fic Exchange '09] A fire, a conversation, and a plastic chair at St. Mungo's on Christmas // Coming to terms with peace

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 2,757 words. Drama/One-shot. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created May 7th, 2010. Updated May 7th, 2010.
  • A Winter's Tale by Pogonotrophy. » (1 reviews)

    [Drabble] A moment in Hogsmeade

    G. 1 chapters, 491 words. Romance/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created April 14th, 2010. Updated April 14th, 2010.
  • The Violent Hour by Pogonotrophy. » (4 reviews)

    Well that settled it, she supposed. She was going to have to prank Arthur Lyons. Give or take eight weeks, Operation Pull a Prank on Arthur Lyons would reach completion. (But first she had to find someone to actually plan the prank. And maybe think up a better name.)

    PG. 1 chapters, 720 words. MWPP-era/General. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created January 30th, 2010. Updated January 30th, 2010.
  • Psychosis by Pogonotrophy. » (2 reviews)

    Involves potential disembodied voices and sort of modern gestures. All of which takes place in a pub.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,033 words. General/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created August 19th, 2009. Updated August 19th, 2009.
  • One of Those Days by Pogonotrophy. » (4 reviews)

    He’d learned enough from hindsight that on days like today, it seemed like Lily Evans didn’t mind a little bit of conversation.

    PG. 1 chapters, 994 words. One-shot/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created May 26th, 2009. Updated May 26th, 2009.
  • the storm lifts up the leaves by Pogonotrophy. » (6 reviews)

    Black like an eye, bruised night brightens by morning, yellow then grey - a memory. What the light was like.//A memory in three parts

    PG. 3 chapters, 19,364 words. MWPP-era/Romance. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Lupin, Remus, Pettigrew, Peter, Potter, James. Created April 29th, 2009. Updated May 22nd, 2009.
  • Names by Pogonotrophy. » (2 reviews)

    Albus Severus is thoughtful and smart and comfortable in his own skin, but burdened with a very large name for such a small boy. He never understood quite how big his name was. // Albus Severus Potter's little bit of history. (Written for Winter 2008 Fic Exchange)

    G. 1 chapters, 6,678 words. General/One-shot. Dumbledore, Albus, Potter, Albus Severus, Potter, Harry, Snape, Severus. Created February 11th, 2009. Updated February 11th, 2009.
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