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  • Scissors, Paper, Rock by notsosoft. » (4 reviews)

    For a moment, they don’t seem so different after all, standing there with arms crossed stubbornly and eyes rolled heavenward. // James wants Lily and Sirius to bond. So they do, the only way they know how.

    PG. 1 chapters, 990 words. One-shot/Humor. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily. Created January 12th, 2008. Updated January 12th, 2008.
  • Start of Something New by notsosoft. » (3 reviews)

    The day Lily realizes her friendship with Severus Snape is really and truly over is also the day she finds out that Remus Lupin is a werewolf.

    G. 1 chapters, 2,056 words. General/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Lupin, Remus, Potter, James, Snape, Severus. Created January 9th, 2008. Updated January 9th, 2008.
  • Envy by notsosoft. » (3 reviews)

    Ginny Weasley-- who had always proudly thought herself to be a friendly, outgoing, congenial sort of girl-- the sort of girl who could get on with anyone, really-- had to fight valiantly to like Hermione Granger.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,025 words. One-shot/General. Weasley, Ginny. Created August 24th, 2007. Updated August 24th, 2007.
  • A Discourse on Manly Men by notsosoft. » (23 reviews)

    Lily and Peter discuss what it means to be a man.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,775 words. Humor/One-shot. Evans, Lily, Pettigrew, Peter, , . Created April 21st, 2007. Updated April 21st, 2007.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper by notsosoft. » (12 reviews)

    She’s taken James away from them, taken away their unspoken leader. He is no longer just a Marauder; he is no longer just Prongs. He is a Marauder and Lily Evans’s boyfriend, and that minor distinction makes all the difference in the world.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,971 words. One-shot/MWPP-era. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily. Created January 11th, 2006. Updated January 11th, 2006.
  • Here at the End of All Things by notsosoft. » (21 reviews)

    Here at the end of all things, she thinks absently, immediately confused at what brought about this fleeting, unprovoked musing.

    PG. 1 chapters, 7,999 words. One-shot/MWPP-era. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Lupin, Remus, Pettigrew, Peter, Potter, James. Created January 11th, 2006. Updated January 11th, 2006.
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