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Favorite Fics

  • The Age of Inertia by Permanent AccountSilverspinner. » (28 reviews)

    As Voldemort rises to power, Lily finds herself in the unlikely and uncomfortable position of having to write the obituaries of his victims. Later on, though, she comes to understand the truth: She was the person who put herself there.

    R. 6 chapters, 51,891 words. Romance/Drama. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, Other, Other. Created January 1st, 2006. Updated December 26th, 2010.
  • My Deliverance by Hourglass nomineePermanent AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnertwinsuns. » (155 reviews)

    Voldemort's rising reign of terror, NEWTs, death attempts, a Headship, a tangled affair with James Potter, hilarity, grief, love, secrecy, maddness... it's almost hard to believe that I've survived to graduate. I am Lily Evans, and this is my 7th year.

    R. 19 chapters, 108,903 words. Romance/Drama. Potter, James, Evans, Lily, Longbottom, Frank, Other. Created October 31st, 2005. Updated October 12th, 2009.
  • Misfiring Fireworks by Permanent Accountficexchange. » (9 reviews)

    [Fic Exchange '08] Lily and Sirius, an odd, slightly explosive duo any other day of the year, find themselves with a common enemy: Professor Slughorn's holiday party.

    PG. 1 chapters, 5,181 words. Humor/One-shot. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created January 25th, 2009. Updated January 25th, 2009.
  • Amaranthine by Playground_Love. » (129 reviews)

    As soon as Lily entered my life, first from a distance then breath upon breath, I tumbled silently from Olympus where I was warm and godly and golden to a place of utter and un-surrendering humanity. Not only that but the most tender and throbbing humanity there was: love.

    PG-13. 10 chapters, 65,304 words. MWPP-era/Romance. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created January 29th, 2006. Updated August 21st, 2008.
  • Hide and Seek by Hourglass winnerinfinitesimal. » (15 reviews)

    When Alice decides she's in love with Sirius Black, it's up to Lily to make sure he becomes aware of her existence-- naturally. When that means spending the summer at Godric's Hollow with James Potter and The Wench Lily Prefers Not to Name, things begin to get a bit complicated. This is the mostly lighthearted story of what happens when ...

    R. 1 chapters, 7,604 words. Romance/Humor. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Longbottom, Alice, Potter, James. Created January 11th, 2008. Updated January 11th, 2008.
  • A Ribbon of Black by Hourglass nomineerubytuesday. » (4 reviews)

    Silly girl, she thinks, an utterly incomplete thought.

    PG. 1 chapters, 4,703 words. General/Romance. Tonks, Andromeda Black, , , . Created January 10th, 2008. Updated January 10th, 2008.
  • Only Thread by Hourglass nomineeReview TeamPaid AccountWiki Staffencrypt. » (1 reviews)

    "It still affects us more than you'd think, especially since it hides behind a locked door every day." // Teddy Lupin visits the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.

    PG. 1 chapters, 2,570 words. General/One-shot. Lupin, Teddy, Potter, Harry, Tonks, Andromeda Black. Created January 10th, 2008. Updated January 10th, 2008.
  • Pure By Choice by Hourglass nomineeReview TeamPaid AccountWiki Staffencrypt. » (7 reviews)

    "The only purpose would be for us to inadvertently bring Draco and Hermione together, and I am not a plot device." // Seven people Ginny Weasley never slept with. Utter crackfic.

    PG. 1 chapters, 712 words. Humor/One-shot. Granger, Hermione, Lovegood, Luna, Malfoy, Draco, Weasley, Ginny. Created December 24th, 2007. Updated December 24th, 2007.
  • Harmless Soldiers by Hourglass nomineePaid AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnerthirty2flavors. » (14 reviews)

    The Death Eaters live by anonymity. It is the crucial rule to every secret society. The Order does not seem to understand. // In a battle between the Death Eaters and the Order, Regulus hates recognizing his enemy.

    PG. 1 chapters, 468 words. MWPP-era/One-shot. Black, Regulus, Black, Sirius, Snape, Severus, . Created August 29th, 2007. Updated August 29th, 2007.
  • Silly Love Songs by Hourglass nomineePaid AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnerthirty2flavors. » (395 reviews)

    Lily was well aware she wasn’t the damsel in distress. She wasn’t the heroine in a Victoria Holt novel or the neglected princess in a faraway castle. She wasn’t Juliet and she wasn’t anticipating a Romeo any time soon. // A Lily/James set during their 7th year at Hogwarts. Hourglass nominee.

    PG-13. 18 chapters, 119,271 words. Humor/Romance. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, Other, Other. Created October 5th, 2005. Updated April 9th, 2007.
  • Checkmate by 17lilies. » (21 reviews)

    Getting to know you is like a game of chess ...

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 7,888 words. Romance/General. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created February 6th, 2006. Updated February 6th, 2006.
  • The Broken Monarch by Paid AccountEden. » (5 reviews)

    A werewolf, alone. A broken monarch. A connection to the spirit world. A girl that ties them all together in harmony. Sometimes, a series of moments can change your life...

    PG. 1 chapters, 5,376 words. One-shot/Angst. Evans, Lily. Created November 28th, 2005. Updated November 28th, 2005.
  • All the Stars by Permanent AccountSilverspinner. » (7 reviews)

    With the prospect of a new baby and scattering the ashes of her deceased mother weighing on her mind, Lily steps outside to stargaze.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,668 words. One-shot/General. Evans, Lily. Created November 25th, 2005. Updated November 25th, 2005.
  • Twice as Bright by Hourglass nomineePaid AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnerthirty2flavors. » (103 reviews)

    She introduced him as James Potter, he shook your hand, and you knew, instantly, that she'd outdone you again. // Petunia reflects on the differences between the Dursleys and the Potters. Hourglass winner -- Best One-Shot.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,243 words. One-shot/General. Evans, Lily, Dursley, Petunia, Dursley, Vernon, Potter, James. Created November 8th, 2005. Updated November 8th, 2005.
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