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  • Above Reproach by Hourglass nomineeHourglass winnerAnotherDreamer. » (9 reviews)

    Helga. Godric. Rowena. Salazar. The Founder's Four. They had fought together in the Dragon Wars. Destroyed the kingdom the Muggles had established. Then they decided to start a school, and started to fight one another. Things had been unraveling ever since. Winner of the March 2007 Scrivenshaft "Out of the Box" award.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 4,366 words. Drama/One-shot. Gryffindor, Godric, Hufflepuff, Helga, Ravenclaw, Rowena, Slytherin, Salazar. Created June 11th, 2007. Updated June 11th, 2007.
  • A Journey of Small Steps by Hourglass nomineeReview TeamModPermanent AccountWiki StaffScrivenshaft WinnerOxymoron. » (40 reviews)

    James and Lily. Step by step. From James' perspective. (Hourglass 2007 nominee)

    PG. 5 chapters, 3,098 words. Romance/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created February 4th, 2007. Updated June 10th, 2007.
  • A Million Little Pieces by Serena. » (65 reviews)

    A series of completely unrelated Lily/James vignettes. Chapter Summary: A kissing couple on the London Underground raises a series of questions that should not exist between just-friends. HOURGLASS NOMINEE!!!

    PG-13. 9 chapters, 7,306 words. MWPP-era/General. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created April 19th, 2006. Updated February 20th, 2007.
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