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Favorite Fics

  • The Reality of Card Games by kablamo. » (164 reviews)

    James has always been dealt the lucky hand. Practically nothing can touch him, except for the occasional hex from a Slytherin or a rejection from Lily Evans. But luck is in limited supply, and it always seems to run out when we need it most. (Mostly PG-13, but occasional R themes later.)

    R. 19 chapters, 99,122 words. MWPP-era/General. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Lupin, Remus, Potter, James. Created December 25th, 2009. Updated April 19th, 2014.
  • Commentarius by Permanent AccountThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerScrivenshaft WinnerBeedaily. » (1167 reviews)

    The always ordinary Lily Evans enters her 7th-Year with a whole slew of unordinary changes. And with everything changing, Lily fears she may be going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her friends are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she just can't seem to get rid of.

    PG-13. 25 chapters, 1,339,790 words. Romance/Humor. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, Other, Other. Created September 10th, 2005. Updated August 21st, 2013.
  • Farrago by Permanent AccountThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerScrivenshaft WinnerBeedaily. » (25 reviews)

    A medley of unconnected drabbles focusing on James and Lily.

    PG-13. 11 chapters, 8,170 words. Romance/Humor. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created March 22nd, 2011. Updated October 11th, 2011.
  • Hijacking by Permanent AccountThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerScrivenshaft WinnerBeedaily. » (2 reviews)

    James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales. LJSmut

    NC-17. 1 chapters, 3,786 words. One-shot/Romance. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created August 25th, 2011. Updated August 25th, 2011.
  • My Deliverance by Hourglass nomineePermanent AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnertwinsuns. » (155 reviews)

    Voldemort's rising reign of terror, NEWTs, death attempts, a Headship, a tangled affair with James Potter, hilarity, grief, love, secrecy, maddness... it's almost hard to believe that I've survived to graduate. I am Lily Evans, and this is my 7th year.

    R. 19 chapters, 108,903 words. Romance/Drama. Potter, James, Evans, Lily, Longbottom, Frank, Other. Created October 31st, 2005. Updated October 12th, 2009.
  • Hopelessly Addicted by Hourglass nomineeModPermanent AccountWiki StaffThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerChristyCorr. » (165 reviews)

    Six years after the break-up, the new, improved, and Potter-charm-proof Lily Evans is ready to take the British Ministry by storm. Naturally, it all goes downhill from there.

    NC-17. 10 chapters, 98,131 words. General/Romance. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, Black, Sirius, . Created January 17th, 2006. Updated December 23rd, 2008.
  • Amaranthine by Playground_Love. » (129 reviews)

    As soon as Lily entered my life, first from a distance then breath upon breath, I tumbled silently from Olympus where I was warm and godly and golden to a place of utter and un-surrendering humanity. Not only that but the most tender and throbbing humanity there was: love.

    PG-13. 10 chapters, 65,304 words. MWPP-era/Romance. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created January 29th, 2006. Updated August 21st, 2008.
  • The Way It Should Be by LovelyLily. » (13 reviews)

    She expected to find both Sirius and James sleeping in the bed, covers mauled, facing away from each other and sleeping fitfully. But what she walked in on was cuddling, half naked gods stretched out lazily atop the sheets, the duvet discarded and forgotten.

    NC-17. 1 chapters, 7,121 words. Romance/MWPP-era. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created April 5th, 2008. Updated April 5th, 2008.
  • That Summer by The Owl Post StaffScrivenshaft Winnerluminous_star. » (87 reviews)

    It\'s the summer before seventh year and someone\'s moving in next door to Lily\'s house. someone she\'d never expect in a million years to move in. Major changes are in store for Lily Evans...she just doesn\'t know it yet. [Hourglass Nominee 2007]

    PG-13. 15 chapters, 115,812 words. Romance/Humor. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created November 2nd, 2005. Updated January 28th, 2008.
  • Rush by Hourglass winnerinfinitesimal. » (54 reviews)

    He whispers, hot open mouthed kisses, and she tastes like cinnamon from her toast that morning and the butterbeer he had bought for her, ran all the way to Hogsmeade under his cloak and bought for her, just because she said she’d never tried one before. I want you to experience everything he’d told her, and she’d looked so innocent... ...

    NC-17. 1 chapters, 1,406 words. Romance/One-shot. Potter, James, Evans, Lily, , . Created December 21st, 2005. Updated September 9th, 2007.
  • Deconstruct, a Memoir by Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism. » (178 reviews)

    Before they were legends, there was a girl who loved a boy she thought she could never be with. She followed him into a world of strange purity, entranced by his dizzy eyes, and left everything she knew behind. He deconstructed her, one molecule at a time. [AU Lily & James. Original work from 2002. WIP.]

    R. 27 chapters, 225,415 words. Romance/Drama. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created June 21st, 2007. Updated September 7th, 2007.
  • Prelude to Destiny by Hourglass nomineeHourglass winnerAnotherDreamer. » (253 reviews)

    Lily Evans knew she wasn't very good at magical laser tag. In fact, she usually ended up in last place. But that didn't stop her from playing with enthusiasm. For that matter, hardly anything made her ever hold back. Not ex-boyfriends or bad Halloween costumes or competitive prefects. Not even her lousy sixth year.

    PG. 26 chapters, 298,502 words. Romance/MWPP-era. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, Lupin, Remus, Black, Sirius. Created September 14th, 2005. Updated April 21st, 2006.
  • Gum Wrappers by Hourglass winnerScrivenshaft WinnerImari. » (36 reviews)

    Neville knew something was not quite right with him. Other wizards his age awaited racing brooms. He awaited his mother’s gum wrappers...R&R. [Hourglass nominee]

    G. 1 chapters, 4,124 words. One-shot/Angst. Other, , , . Created October 11th, 2005. Updated October 11th, 2005.
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