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girl. nineteen. crazy. daydreamer. uncertain. english-crazy. math-averse. (over)dramatic.

obsessed with the black family and the marauders. has the tendency to completely disappear for several months at a time only to return bearing much fic. that last sentence might be a blatant lie. rarely reviews, mostly out of awkwardness. writes best when she really ought to be doing everything else.

has been known to dance in the rain. once (unsuccessfully) feigned sudden amnesia to get out trouble. depending on her mood, is either slightly lame or completely unbearably uncontrollably insane. stargazes. loves thunderstorms. watches very little tv. listens to ridiculous amounts of music. has no favorite band or genre. likes fairytales and brutal truths. characterizes everything. loves horror movies and romance. loves the book 'the princess bride' and the movie in equal amounts.

hasn't been here in a while. has taken to hanging out in the avatar: the last airbender fandom. enjoys nanowrimo and can be found under andromeda3116 over there.


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