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  • A Letter by YKuang. » (23 reviews)

    'Still, she couldn’t help but trace over the letters just a bit, wondering what he might have been thinking at the time.' James writes a letter to Lily the summer before their seventh year. A birthday ficlet for Kelly.

    G. 1 chapters, 3,744 words. General/One-shot. Evans, Lily, Potter, James, , . Created August 26th, 2006. Updated August 26th, 2006.
  • Somewhat Implied by YKuang. » (16 reviews)

    '...she wondered if there really was such a thing as normal magic.' In the course of a year, Lily Evans finds answers, questions, and a few other things along the way. Lily/James, post-Hogwarts.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 8,884 words. Romance/Drama. Evans, Lily, Potter, James. Created December 24th, 2005. Updated December 24th, 2005.
  • Four Minutes by YKuang. » (15 reviews)

    "It’s eleven eleven," she says, feeling a bit stupid. "That's when you make wishes." Harry/Ginny drabble ficlet.

    G. 1 chapters, 1,701 words. Romance/General. Ginny, Harry. Created October 23rd, 2005. Updated October 23rd, 2005.
  • Two Conversations by YKuang. » (20 reviews)

    Harry has a hypothetical toe fungus. Ginny thinks he's odd. Hermione thinks he's odd. Everything happens at four in the morning. And it's all canon.

    G. 1 chapters, 1,665 words. One-shot/General. Ginny, Harry, Hermione. Created September 8th, 2005. Updated September 8th, 2005.
  • Whispers by YKuang. » (11 reviews)

    Post HBP. Harry visits Ginny when she's half awake. Drabble ficlet, because I'm so fond of those.

    G. 1 chapters, 464 words. General/One-shot. Ginny, Harry. Created September 8th, 2005. Updated September 8th, 2005.
  • Train Ride by YKuang. » (23 reviews)

    Harry/Ginny one-shot. Missing moment from HBP; for anyone who thinks a year at Hogwarts isn't complete without a trip to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

    PG. 1 chapters, 6,193 words. Romance/Drama. Other. Created September 6th, 2005. Updated September 6th, 2005.
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