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Due to scheduling and RL conflicts, I've been forced to take a bit of a leave of absence from writing these past few months. My apologies, I'll update when I can.

- Lynn

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any writer who has nothing to say will inevitably quote Jane Austen.

About Me

A high school junior who spends half her time swamped with work and the other half obsessing over Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, House M.D., Veronica Mars, The West Wing, North & South, Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Jane Austen - not to mention the occasional musical or two. And, of course, there's the squeeage. Perhaps this is the reason I have trouble updating with frequency. Oh, dear.

About My Writing

My main ship is Lily/James, though I seem to have developed quite a collection of Harry/Ginny drabbles, as of late.

Reviews give me a warm fuzzy feeling, and squees abound.

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