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July 2009 Update
Hello! I'm a eighteen-year-old girl with a love for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Firefly, etc. (Bones, House, all sorts of good stuff) I'm an on-and-off again sort of fanfic writer, so while I'll try to update regularly, I'm not exactly reliable. For up to date information about stories, news, and anything else, check my Livejournal

Currently Working On
A Knack for Things: Hourglass nominee. JPLE

* If I were you, I wouldn't check out anything I've written before's all pretty bad.

I read:
- Douglas Adams
- Terry Pratchett
- Neil Gaiman
- William Shakespeare
- Sir Charles de Lint
- William Blake
- Philip Pullman

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Instead of writing this at the top of every chapter, I'm just going to put an overall disclaimer here: all characters and locations are the property of J.K. Rowling. I own none of it (except the OCs, I guess).

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