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Dear Diary,

The Hogsmeade visit today left me bankrupt. Unfortunately, Dumbledore hasn’t yet responded to my letter of urgency begging him to demolish that sinfully tantalizing sweetshop that sucks the galleons out of my pocket. I swear, I go in just looking for a nice bag of licorice wands and a quarter-pound of that delightful homemade fudge, and instead I come out with sixteen sugar quills in an assortment of sizes and colors. Do you know how expensive those are?

While scribbling with (i.e. nibbling on) this extra-large, pink, raspberry-flavored quill, I’ve come to a conclusion:

Every author needs three things: inspiration,, and Honeydukes.

Honeydukes, the birthplace of the sweet, delicious, heavenly sugar quill, "which you can suck [on] and just look like you're thinking what to write next" (~Ron, PA5). ...Exactly what I'm always doing, of course – enjoying my sugar quills and trying to translate all my jumbled ideas onto pap – er…parchment.


My favorite Harry Potter character? Hands down Sirius Black.

Oh, and my best friend sent me a Hogwarts acceptance letter for Christmas (because clearly, Dumbledore forgot my eleventh birthday). Owl me what house you’re in and whether or not you think I have a chance as Chaser! (To share - or even just try out for - the same position as James Potter would be the highest honor.)

I get a tingly feeling in my toes whenever I hear strange, bizarre words, and I'm obsessed with Briticisms (Best of British - the greatest website ever!). Yes, I'm one of those wanna-be Brits who tries to use terms like "bloody" and "cheers" despite my American accent. I have been assured that I butcher these wonderful words most skillfully.

There’s almost nothing I adore more than writing …it’s a passion rivaled only by the love YOU possess for reviewing!! (Please, please, please? If you're a writer, you know how much just one tiny review makes you stare at the screen with glee.)

Well, parchment roll’s almost over and my raspberry quill’s running low…I think I’ll try green mint next…or the one that smells awfully like firewhiskey...

Until my next Honeydukes visit,
~Sugar Quills

-The flavors never run out.-


Acknowledgements for "Just LIke Acid Pops"
My beta. You are my tireless editor and I would be nowhere without you. This one's for your constructive criticism, for your dedication, for being my constant cheerleader, for putting up with my insanity, and for keeping my quill scribbling. Thank you! :)

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