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  • 1975 by PirateSmile. » (19 reviews)

    She has theories on everything, from why monarch butterflies are orange to the reasons a successful scrying potion has yet to be patented. It's hard to keep track.

    PG-13. 7 chapters, 4,320 words. Romance/MWPP-era. OC. Created January 26th, 2008. Updated December 8th, 2009.
  • Here's to You, Mr. Robinson by PirateSmile. » (0 reviews)

    “Can he do magic, you mean? Certainly can. Guess I’ve got you to thank for that one.” Random little one-shot. I have no idea where this came from. Disregard JKR's backstory on Dean Thomas.

    PG. 1 chapters, 1,122 words. One-shot/Drama. Thomas, Dean, OC. Created February 8th, 2009. Updated February 8th, 2009.
  • A Standing Inferiority Complex by PirateSmile. » (23 reviews)

    In which Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley maneuver their way through N.E.W.T.s, ill-advised memory charms, anecdotes, and some truly atrocious French. [Letter project in collaboration with thirty2flavors]

    PG-13. 13 chapters, 6,425 words. Romance/General. Lupin, Teddy, Weasley, Victoire, , . Created February 7th, 2008. Updated December 18th, 2008.
  • Sands of Time in a Broken Hourglass by PirateSmile. » (2 reviews)

    After twenty years, Alice wakes up.

    G. 1 chapters, 656 words. One-shot/General. Longbottom, Alice. Created June 26th, 2008. Updated June 26th, 2008.
  • Paper Planes by PirateSmile. » (0 reviews)

    Time stops for no one, the seasons come and go and that's just time. Drabbles on the Weasley family.

    PG-13. 4 chapters, 975 words. General/General. Other. Created January 6th, 2008. Updated March 16th, 2008.
  • The Next Best Thing by PirateSmile. » (1 reviews)

    She's spent her whole life being graded on the sanctity of patience and a dumb appreciation, but I don't want the next best thing.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 1,539 words. One-shot/MWPP-era. Tonks, Andromeda Black. Created February 16th, 2008. Updated February 16th, 2008.
  • Legends of the Fall by PirateSmile. » (8 reviews)

    Drabbles. Letters to and from the loved ones we lost in the First and Second Wars, obliviously and ominously giving clues of their seperate demises. Inspired by the Owl Game.

    PG-13. 2 chapters, 436 words. Romance/Tragedy. Other. Created August 29th, 2007. Updated January 12th, 2008.
  • Soliloquy by PirateSmile. » (2 reviews)

    A quiet Christmas drink leads to some uninvited soul-searching. Scrivenshaft entry.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 1,679 words. One-shot/Angst. Johnson, Angelina. Created January 11th, 2008. Updated January 11th, 2008.
  • Falcon vs. Roo by PirateSmile. » (3 reviews)

    "Shut up. I'm not the one throwing an animal party." Mix together a bottle of butterbeer, a History of Magic essay, and a missing sports bra. Throw in three witches and a teen with turquoise hair. Shake well and enjoy.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 3,693 words. Romance/Humor. OC. Created January 10th, 2008. Updated January 10th, 2008.
  • Unknowable by PirateSmile. » (1 reviews)

    [drabbles] Snippets from the Room of Requirements in the school year 1997 to 1998. Prompts from fanfic100.

    PG-13. 2 chapters, 727 words. General/General. Creevey, Colin, Finnigan, Seamus, Longbottom, Neville, Patil, Parvati. Created October 27th, 2007. Updated October 28th, 2007.
  • Veritas by PirateSmile. » (6 reviews)

    September 1, 1970. In all of the history of Hogwarts, no one could remember the Sorting Ceremony taking so long. Seeing that they will each play a prominent role in the war ahead, a certain hat takes it upon itself to have a private chat with each of the incoming first years.

    PG-13. 4 chapters, 2,914 words. General/General. Black, Sirius, Evans, Lily, Lupin, Remus, Potter, James. Created July 5th, 2007. Updated October 27th, 2007.
  • Never After by PirateSmile. » (4 reviews)

    There are those few, however, who remain to this day offended by the very sight of one who does not possess magic, or merely one who possesses it by chance. And then there are those torn between family and desire, tradition and love, morals and fate.

    PG-13. 1 chapters, 1,187 words. MWPP-era/One-shot. Other. Created October 1st, 2007. Updated October 1st, 2007.
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