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Greetings and salutations all! I’m Oy! Angelina or Oy! Angie if you like. I’ve been tinkering around Harry Potter fandom since 2002 and wrote my first and best known fic – Pensieve – after my friend, Carrie, persuaded me to read the (then 4) books of the HP series. Following OotP and HBP, canon isn’t what it should be but I wouldn’t have Pensieve any other way and, hopefully, you’ll be able to suspend disbelief enough to agree.

In real life, I’m a college graduate, author of my own series, Woven, which will hopefully be published sooner than later. I’ll keep people posted as to the status of my own professional writing career, but enjoy my attempts at fanfiction in the mean time.

One a personal note to all my fans of fanon, thanks. Thanks a million. You all have been supportive of me and my stories since day one. Thanks to all the people who read, review, and recommend my stories. I am very grateful for how popular you've made Pensieve and Snogwarts. It's been an inspiration to try to write something other than Harry Potter Fanfics and any success I have as an author I will owe, in large part, to that support.

For those of you chomping at the bit to read Woven. I'm offering up the first few chapters as a taste of the series. If published, some things might change based on my or an editor's opinion, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. Naturally, reading and reviewing will help because I plan on using them as a selling point to potential editors and agents :)

Be able to say you read Woven before it began

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