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I am an English major at Rice University. I've been writing A Chance You Only Get Once for two years now dating back from before my life began to resemble much of the plot. In Your Eyes rose up when I was thinking about writing something different and started liking the idea of a shifting perspective story. I love writing and reading, thus the major and obvious fanfiction hobby. I am studying abroad in England this fall, and avoiding work at the moment. Latest confession: recently had a friend put a henna tatoo of a lightning bolt scar on my forehead.

After the seventh book I discovered the joy of writing drabbles. I started with Veritaserum, which became too repetitive, and moved on to my current, ever-growing, project of the Acronym Drabbles. MUDBLOOD is completed, but it is fast becoming the exception, as it deals with only Lily, James and Snape and what that word changed between them. PUREBLOOD and its companions to come (HALFBLOOD, MUGGLEBORN, RAVENCLAW, and HUFFLEPUFF are started) will deal more with what these labels mean to different characters and feature many different leads. It's an interesting project that I really shouldn't be working on with all of the other work that I need to do, but when has that stopped any of us?

If you read and want updates more quickly, reviewing is a really good plan. It's amazing how much faster it makes me work to know that somebody's reading. It's hard to muster the energy otherwise, especially when I'm distracted by things I'm being graded on.

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