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Hi there! Muh name is Samantha and I stole this format from TelwynDubois ! lol (It was out of love)

- 18
- Im terrified of that fact ^
- In love with code name V (V for Vendetta)
- Obsessed with Role playing
- Crazy about Anne Rices novels pre christian stuff
- Noisy
- An artist in my mind
- A comic book junkie
- A lover, a hero, a villian a fool
- American and sometimes proud
- and very perverted lol (my friends are all guys, it does rub off on you)
-almost 9 months strong with my boyfried Steven (a record for us)

I read:
- Anne Rice
- Comics like mad
- Stephen King
- Fan fics

I haunt:
- Myspace
- Unknowable Room
- Neopets lol i know im lame but so is every one in my class then too lol
- Lyric sites

I love:
- My boyfriend Steven
-my best friend his little brother Jon
- vampiers
- My stuffed snow leopard Wesker
- Resident evil (the games)
- Fianal Fantasys (8!)
- summer
- lake erie beach
-the smell of matches
-the smell bonfires leave on you pillow after camping
-colors black neon pink, green and blue
-the rain
-my tarantula

I listen:
-The Cure
-Taking back sunday
-Brand New
-Blue october
-Marilyn manson
- Dog fashion disco
-Panic at the disco
-Counting crows
-Smashing pumpkins
-many more

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