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It's being talked about significantly outside of fandom - do you have an opinion on JKR suing Steve Vander Ark in order to stop him from putting the Lexicon in book format?
I'm right behind JKR. The information on the Lexicon should be left on the internet where it is. 54
As a fandom staple, and once beloved by JKR herself, I think the Lexicon in book format would be fine. It isn't infringing on copyright as she claims, it's competition that she's apparently afraid of losing to. 19
I think JKR is getting a big head and that she should let Vander Ark put the Lexicon in book format. 4
It's all just media attention. 5
What? I have no idea what's going on... 6
The Lexicon? What's that? 1
I don't really care either way. 11

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