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Rating System

The Rating System

Disclaimer: does not own the MPAA rating system in any way, shape, or form, and uses the MPAA rating system purely to better protect its users from unwanted exposure to any restricted or explicit materials.

FANFICTION accepts fanfictions of all ratings, from G to NC-17.

I. Definitions.

  • Explicit sexual content: Blow-by-blow description of sexual activity with nudity/mention of body parts, particularly of genitals.
  • Non-explicit sexual content: Alluding to sex by using techniques such as fading out before the scene begins, having a character mention or (non-explicitly) allude to sexual activity, etc.
  • Adult themes: Rape, incest, abuse, and violence. 'Explicit' adult content is blow-by-blow description of the actions taking place in that theme, i.e. detailed accounts of rape, abuse, and so forth.

II. Ratings.

  1. G - Material suitable for all audiences.

    • No profanity beyond mild slang.
    • No sexual content beyond mild, non-explicit romance.
    • No adult themes.

  2. PG - Parent Guidance recommended.
    • Mild, infrequent profanity. No swearing stronger than 'damn'.
    • Mild romantic content. Non-descriptive kissing above the shoulders is allowed. Non-explicit allusion to sexual activity (not rape, incest, bestiality, or 'kinky' activity) permitted.
    • Mild, non-explicit violence. Though there should be no graphic, bloody violence in this rating, allusion to death, grief, and murder are allowed.

  3. PG-13 - Parents strongly cautioned for children under 13.
    • Mild to moderate profanity. Use of the word 'fuck' is permitted only as an expletive and should occur infrequently; use of the word as a verb for sex is prohibited.
    • Mild to moderate sexual content, not explicit.
    • Mild to moderate violence. No graphic description. Fantasy-type violence (swordplay, magic, etc.) are allowed in small quantities, but explicitly gory violence of any nature is not permitted.
    • Other adult themes may be present, but may not dominate the story or be explicit.

  4. R - Restricted. Parents or adult guardians necessary for all children under 17.
    • All previously restricted profanity is allowed.
    • Mildly explicit sexual content permitted (mention of genitals should be avoided, but otherwise mild description of sexual activity is allowed).
    • Descriptions of violence may be mild to moderately explicit (descriptions of gore permitted, but if in excess, the story deserves an NC-17 rating).
    • Mild to moderate predominant adult themes allowed.

  5. NC-17 - No persons age 17 and under shall be admitted.
    • No limits on profanity.
    • No limits on explicit sexual content.
    • No limits on explicit violence and other predominant adult themes.

III. Tips for Rating Stories:

  1. If your story contains two or more of the themes detailed above (i.e. profanity, sexual content, violence, etc.), give it the next higher rating.
  2. Take into account the importance and intensity of any theme that may cause rating issue in your story. Is it a dominant part of the plot? Are you giving it a significant amount of vivid description? If so, you may want to consider giving your story the next higher rating.


IMPORTANT NOTE: WILL NOT ACCEPT FANART RATED ABOVE PG-13. Any fanart exceeding this rating will be removed by the admins.

  1. G.
    • No nudity (This means: characters must be fully clothed, and no fishnets, leather skirts, tube tops, corsets, or otherwise suggestive clothing should be included in art under this rating. Although tank tops, shorts, and skirts are fine, they should cover the characters' midriffs and upper thighs).
    • No depictions of violence or blood. Fantasy-type weapons (swords, etc.) are allowed only when the scene does not depict violence.
    • No depictions of sexual activity. Hugging, kisses on the cheek, and holding hands is fine, but anything more than that gets a PG or above.

  2. PG.
    • Nudity is extremely limited. Clothing should be non-suggestive, but most swimsuits are fine (Note: If the focus of the art is a female character in a string bikini, you should rate the piece PG-13).
    • Fantasy-type weapons--swords, etc.--are allowed. Violence must be non-bloody. There should be no depiction of wounded/dead characters.
    • Sexuality is mild. See the G rating for guidelines.

  3. PG-13
    • Nudity is limited. No bare breasts of genitalia. Clothing may be suggestive, provided that it covers the aforementioned body parts. (Note: A male character modeling a thong should really get an R.)
    • Violence is allowed, but depictions of blood and gore should be limited or absent. Guns and other weapons are allowed, but images in which a character is in severe pain, is visibly wounded and bloody, or is being brutally hurt should get at least an R.
    • Sexuality should be limited to kissing above the shoulders and little or no touching (beyond hugging) below the shoulders. Depictions of sex or sexual activity beyond kissing and/or mild touching (things like having one character's hands on the other's waist or side, etc. is considered mild; hands on breasts or genitals is not) should get at least an R.

  4. R.
    • Full female nudity is permissible, but only if the genitals are not the focus of the piece. Male nudity without exposure of the genitals is also permissible. Essentially no restrictions on the suggestiveness of clothing, provided that no genitals are exposed.
    • Violence can be moderately graphic. Depictions of blood and fighting with weapons is allowed, but graphic rape and extreme brutality should be rated NC-17.
    • Depictions of sexual activity are permissible so long as no genitals are exposed.

  5. NC-17
    • Nudity with visible genitals is permissible for both sexes.
    • Violence and brutality are unrestricted.
    • Depictions of sexual activity are unrestricted.

These are general descriptions of the ratings used by the MPAA. However, DOES NOT condone, and will not accept, submissions of fanfiction or fanart that include the following:

  • Violent rape
  • Bestiality
  • Necrophilia
  • Pedophilia

Any content containing these themes will be removed by the admins. Please note that fanfiction and/or fanart that exceeds its rating is also a prime target for removal, so be sure that you're clear on the ratings above before you submit a fic or piece of art.

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