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The final results for Hourglass 2008 are in!

Winners are more than welcome to grab the banners shown below the list, made by our awesome Juli, and use them anywhere.

Congratulations to all the participants!

And the winners of the 2008 Hourglass Awards are...

General Awards

Best AU fic

  1. Charmbreaker, by orange_crushed

  2. A Little More Time, by Jess Pallas
  3. Stealing Harry, by copperbadge

Best Angst fic

  1. And When I Have Lost Everything I Will Remember This, by paperclip_bitch

  2. Nothing a Good Imperius Wouldn't Solve, by afterthree
  3. Slaughter Dew, by andromeda311

Best Comedy fic

  1. Sublimation and the Snitch, by copperbadge

  2. Haggis from Algernon, by vea and ghostofbambi
  3. Quick, Grab the Cheese Wheels and Run!, by EntiretyToo

Best Drabble or Drabble Collection

  1. Moments Worth 100 Words, by afterthree

  2. Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, andromeda311
  3. Puzzle Pieces, by thirty2flavors

Best Drama fic

  1. Thirteen Steps to the End of the World, by thirty2flavors

  2. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, by Lilith Morgana
  3. Sheer Dumb Luck, by WinglessFlight

Best Gen fic

  1. Above Reproach, by AnotherDreamer

  2. Atonement, by ChristyCorr
  3. The Fallen, by Eos

Best Het Romance fic

  1. Disaster: See Also, Remus J. Lupin, Lovelife Of, by Lady Bracknell

  2. Social Niceties, by ChristyCorr
  3. Intangible, by Lady Bracknell

Best Slash Romance fic

  1. The Rules of Being a Godson, by copperbadge

  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous, by mistful
  3. The Road Less Travelled, by scoradh

Best NC-17 fic

  1. Boiling Point, by anniesj

  2. The Middle Man, by kabeyk
  3. Red Circles and Black X's, by Inell

Popular Vote

Best One-Shot

Thirteen Steps to the End of the World, by thirty2flavors

Best Multi-Chaptered Fic

Drop Dead Gorgeous, by mistful

Admins' Choice


The Abyss Gazes Also, by Tangle of Thorns
Map of the Problematique, by SullenSiren


Home Is The Place Where, by Kyra Cullinan


The Naked Quidditch Match, by Anya

Drabble or Drabble Collection

A Good Way To Fall, by Lady Altair


The Shortest Distance Between Two People, by Riko


That Other Fellow, by Sciathan File
Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour, by Snegurochka Lee

Het Romance

Breathe Me, by andromeda311

Slash Romance

being a correspondence between Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, and being also somewhat unedited and in need of a title, but done, in the end, for the Greater Good, by wired_lizard


The Tale of the Virgin War, by Snegurochka Lee

The banners

Best Angst Fic

Best AU Fic

Best Comedy Fic

Best Drabble or Drabble Collection

Best Drama Fic

Best Gen Fic

Best Het Romance Fic

Best Slash Romance Fic

Best NC-17 Fic

Popular Vote

Admins' Choice

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