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October 10th, 2011

Oh hey, a second admin post! The Apocalypse must be upon us!

So um, I was deleting a spam comment in the news post Missy made the other day, and apparently it made the news comment system all kinds of wonky (hopefully just for that post). I know, I know, the irony of us doing something for a change and that something fucking things up is very much not lost on me.

Don't comment there! Everything you post shows up out of order, it's a mess. And Nisha, a comment of yours has mysteriously disappeared into the UR servers' very temperamental Vanishing Cabinet. Sorry about that.

So yes, this is me, checking whether I've accidentally done too much damage. Ho hum.

Edit: Yep, the damage is limited to that post alone! Woot!


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October 05th, 2011

Hello Roomies!

Things you may not know:
- Your UR Admins are still kicking.
- Your UR Admins still care.
- Your UR Admins are very sorry for the inactivity.

Should I bother with an actual apology? Just know that you have it.

I'm not here with any amazing announcements nor can I make any promises, but I can tell you that neither you, nor the site, have been abandoned! In fact, I would very much like to hear any thoughts or concerns any of you have. Are there certain site bugs that you think should be a priority? Are there any suggestions to make the site more active again? Anything you have to say, please don't be shy to voice yourself!

I'm currently trying to do some work behind the scenes. Don't be alarmed if you notice the amount of members under the site statistics dropping. As true as I wish it could be, we really don't have over 37 thousand members. If you have an account that has not been verified, it will be deleted in the near future. If you are having issues with passwords or haven't received a verification email, please let me know (either here or email or

I'm also looking into updating the forums, which should fix a lot of the problems we've had there in the last year. Hopefully, I'll be able to look into some of the major bugs worming their way around the site as well.

So, tell me how things are going! What's on your mind? What are your biggest concerns with the site? How do you feel now that the movies all done? Did you get into Pottermore beta?




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