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Hourglass 2009

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April 29th, 2009

Hey, guys! It's that time of the year again! The 2009 cycle of the Hourglass Awards has begun!

Nominate your favourite fics for the Hourglass Awards here!

Nominations end on June 1st. If you wish to add your name to the Hourglass judging pool, click here! Judges will have from June 10th to July 15th to judge the fics in the categories they have been assigned to.

(As usual, you have to be logged in to access either link.)

A few simple rules:

1. Hourglass is open to all corners of the fandom—all ships, all eras. We aren't trying to honour the best UR fics! Check your LiveJournal flists, your old bookmarks, your favourite fanfiction rec sites, other archives and forums! We're looking for diversity, and the Awards are an opportunity to spotlight fics that many of us may not yet have had the chance to read.

2. Fics nominated in previous cycles cannot be nominated again.

3. You cannot nominate your own fics.

4. We have nine categories:

a) Best Heterosexual Romance Fic: Any fic prominently featuring a male/female romance.

b) Best Slash Romance Fic: Fics that feature slash relationships either between males (slash) or females (femmeslash).

c) Best Drama Fic: Drama fics focus on conflict, and on the ups and downs of their main characters.

d) Best Angst Fic: Angst fics are often (though not always) introspective and dark; sadness and tragedy are prominently featured in fics of this genre.

e) Best Comedy or Parody Fic: Fics that have the main goal of making people laugh, or fics that satirize clichés common in other fics, or even in canon itself.

f) Best Gen Fic: Fics that do not feature romance with prominence—character studies, usually somewhat introspective. Friendship fics may also be nominated in this category.

g) Best Drabble or Drabble Collection: Fics in this category should have no more than one thousand words (per drabble, in case of a collection of them).

h) Best AU Fic: Fics in the AU category must deviate from the Harry Potter books in at least one important aspect—e.g. wizard characters have no magic or were born in a completely different time/place/universe; someone didn't die; a major canon event didn't happen—and show the effects this would have on the characters in question.

i) Best NC-17 Fic: fics in this category contain explicit sex scenes. NC-17 nominees are often PWPs, but plotlessness is certainly not a requirement :D

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me, or send an email to hourglass at Happy nominating!



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