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New fandoms!

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March 31st, 2009

Well...Happy April Fool's Day, guys *grins*


We'd promised site changes would be coming soon—and here they are!

After much consideration, we've decided to create separate site areas to host fics from other fandoms! The archive's name is not too terribly HP-specific, after all, and many of us have, after the end of the series, turned our attention to other—smaller, more active—fandoms.

At the moment, the only fandom we know for sure we'll include is, of course, Doctor Who, because we love Kali, a lot several active UR members are rabid Who fans. We'll accept all Whoniverse-related fics: classic Who and Torchwood fic are welcome, too! Juli, our graphics wizard, is already working on a new site banner to represent both fandoms.

If you're not a Doctor Who fan, go check it out, like, now don't worry: the DW fics will be kept in a separate listing from the HP ones, and you won't find the Doctor's many incarnations and companions cluttering your list of characters in the HP area's drop-down search :)

We want your opinion!

What other fandoms do you enjoy reading and writing fanfiction for? What other series, books and/or TV shows would you like to see represented at UR? Vote in the polls we've created (TV, books/movies), and if you think of options we neglected to include, please let us know in the comments!



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