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February 08th, 2009

So now that all Fic Exchange fics were posted, here it is—the full list of fics and their authors.

Before we get to the list, three PSAs:

1) Thank you so much to all the authors who filled in for those who couldn't send their fics in for whatever reason—namely, Angel (WinglessFlight), Miranda (AnotherDreamer) [who wrote two extra fics each!], Hannah (Selena_Lupin), Archee (alineofprose), Austin (johnmayergirl23), Meghan (GreyStreet) and Anne (GlynnisGriffiths). And well, me, but I don't count. *grins*

2) Runi did a brilliant job coordinating the fic exchange, beta-ing every single fic and posting them. *hugs Runi* You were brilliant, Runikins.

3) Fic exchange authors, you'll find your fic already uploaded to UR's Document Manager once you log in. It's beta-ed and properly formatted. In order to post the fic, just go to Create Story.

And without further ado, here's the list:

1. Christmas Socks, a gift to CherryBear, was written by BeatrixBloxam.

2. James Potter's Dignity (or Lack Thereof), a gift to BeatrixBloxam, was written by thirty2flavors.

3. Four Things to Laugh About, a gift to thirty2flavors, was written by afterthree.

4. And on Earth, Goodwill..., a gift to afterthree, was written by Anna_Karenina.

5. The Blasted Present, a gift to Anna_Karenina, was written by ChristyCorr.

6. As If It Were Real (and Still, a Hopeless Dream), a gift to CherryChalk, was written by DianaPrallon.

7. Four, a gift to DianaPrallon, was written by alineofprose.

8. Souvenirs, a gift to alineofprose, was written by WinglessFlight.

9. Her Answer Changed Nothing, a gift to Antigone, was written by AnotherDreamer.

10. Eighteen Who Saw Death (One with a Friend), a gift to encrypt, was written by AnotherDreamer.

11. Names, a gift to AnotherDreamer, was written by pogonotrophy.

12. The Love Song (or In the Bleak Midwinter), a gift to pogonotrophy, was written by GlynnisGriffiths.

13. Stain Remover, a gift to GlynnisGriffiths, was written by The_Marauders_and_Lily.

14. Last-Ditch Effort, a gift to The_Marauders_and_Lily, was written by fizzingwhizbee.

15. Cartographer, a gift to fizzingwhizbee, was written by alineofprose.

16. Fear, a gift to persephone07, was written by WinglessFlight.

17. The Best Man, a gift to lily_evans, was written by hpboy13.

18. After All, a gift to hpboy13, was written by alya1989262.

19. An Exchange of Silent Smiles, a gift to alya1989262, was written by ifer.

20. Of Firewhisky and First Kisses, a gift to ifer, was written by johnmayergirl23.

21. Play It Again, a gift to daydreamer701, was written by Sunset.

22. Sticks and Stones, a gift to Sunset, was written by luminous_star.

23. The Magic of Muggle Games, a gift to luminous_star, was written by GreyStreet.

24. Pedestals, a gift to ForeverOptimistic, was written by GlynnisGriffiths.

25. All I Want for Christmas, a gift to Pia, was written by Lady_Apocalymon.

26. Around the World in a Year, a gift to Lady_Apocalymon, was written by cosmopolitan.

27. Divine Intervention, a gift to cosmopolitan, was written by luciferslounge.

28. Rejection, a gift to luciferslounge, was written by Selena_Lupin.

29. The Festive Spirit, a gift to se_levanto, was written by lark.

30. Recognition, a gift to lark, was written by AnotherDreamer.

31. Perfect, a gift to Grace, was written by Selena_Lupin.

32. Strange Encounters, a gift to Selena_Lupin, was written by Crystalline.

33. Of Purple Squirrels and Plastic Tanks, a gift to Crystalline, was written by missers.

34. Of Frustrations and Resolutions, a gift to missers, was written by GreyStreet.

35. Learning from Insanity, a gift to GreyStreet, was written by hp_and_moi.

36. A Marauder Carol, a gift to hp_and_moi, was written by lilkristin0o7.

37. Misfiring Fireworks, a gift to lilkristin0o7, was written by catapultion.

38. Flight, a gift to catapultion, was written by Eos.

39. Antithesis, a gift to Eos, was written by WinglessFlight.

40. Eulogy, a gift to WinglessFlight, was written by ChristyCorr.

41. Projection, a gift to ChristyCorr, was written by Beedaily.

42. Another Level of Genius, a gift to Beedaily, was written by PirateSmile.

43. Amanita Muscaria (or, Exit Music for a Film), a gift to PirateSmile, was written by Merle.

44. Two Sundays in Bed, and the Year in Between, a gift to Merle, was written by Oxymoron.

45. Jealous of Dreams, a gift to Oxymoron, was written by Grimm_Sister.

46. Brief Encounters, a gift to Grimm_Sister, was written by feli.

47. Requirement, a gift to feli, was written by CherryBear



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