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Exchange 08 fics

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January 05th, 2009

Having apologised profusely for yesterday's server fail, we're back on schedule with Fic Exchange fics! Check out all fics that have been posted thus far in the list below:

ETA February 6, 2009: The 2008 Fic Exchange is officially over; all fics have been posted! Check out the fics in the list below:

47. The Blasted Present, a gift to Christine (Anna_Karenina).

46. Cartographer, a gift to Mandy (fizzingwhizbee).

45. Eulogy, a gift to Angel (winglessflight).

44. Flight, a gift to Shuby (catapultion).

43. Antithesis, a gift to Runi (Eos).

42. The Magic of Muggle Games, a gift to Pam (luminous_star).

41. Rejection, a gift to Lacey (luciferslounge).

40. Of Firewhisky and First Kisses, a gift to Jenny (ifer).

39. Strange Encounters, a gift to Hannah (Selena_Lupin).

38. Recognition, a gift to Lindsay (lark).

37. Misfiring Fireworks, a gift to Kristin (lilkristin0o7).

36. Pedestals, a gift to Mabel (ForeverOptimistic).

35. Two Sundays in Bed, and the Year in Between, a gift to Sharon (Merle).

34. Perfect, a gift to Ella (Grace).

33. After All, a gift to Irvin (hpboy13).

32. James Potter's Dignity (or Lack Thereof), a gift to Nicole (BeatrixBloxam).

31. Jealous of Dreams, a gift to Kerstin (Oxymoron).

30. Four, a gift to Diana (dianaprallon).

29. Another Level of Genius, a gift to Bee (Beedaily).

28. The Love Song (or In the Bleak Midwinter), a gift to Christine (pogonotrophy).

27. As If It Were Real (and Still, a Hopeless Dream), a gift to Trish (CherryChalk).

26. Four Things to Laugh About, a gift to Kali (thirty2flavors).

25. A Marauder Carol, a gift to Maegan (hp_and_moi).

24. Requirement, a gift to Felicitas (feli).

23. Play It Again, a gift to Fern (DayDreamer701).

22. Her Answer Changed Nothing, a gift to Hannah (Antigone).

21. All I Want for Christmas, a gift to Pia.

20. Amanita Muscaria (or, Exit Music for a Film), a gift to Tash (PirateSmile).

19. Divine Intervention, a gift to Lana (cosmopolitan).

18. Of Frustrations and Resolutions, a gift to Missy (missers).

17. Learning from Insanity, a gift to Meghan (GreyStreet).

16. Stain Remover, a gift to Anne (GlynnisGriffiths).

15. Fear, a gift to Natasha (persephone07).

14. Projection, a gift to Chris (ChristyCorr).

13. The Best Man, a gift to Nisha (lily_evans).

12. The Festive Spirit, a gift to se_levanto.

11. Names, a gift to Miranda (AnotherDreamer).

10. Around the World in a Year, a gift to Lily (Lady_Apocalymon).

9. An Exchange of Silent Smiles, a gift to Alya (alya1989262).

8. Brief Encounters, a gift to Katy (Grimm_Sister).

7. Eighteen Who Saw Death (One with a Friend), a gift to Sara (encrypt).

6. And on Earth, Goodwill..., a gift to Chelle (afterthree).

5. Last-Ditch Effort, a gift to Kelsey (The_Marauders_and_Lily).

4. Of Purple Squirrels and Plastic Tanks, a gift to Crys (Crystalline).

3. Sticks and Stones, a gift to Laura (Sunset).

2. Souvenirs, a gift to Arch (alineofprose).

1. Christmas Socks, a gift to Rachel (CherryBear).

Merry Christmas to all!

Happy New Year! Also, our very own Harry Potter wiki turns two years old today! :D

Happy reading!

We have normality.

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January 04th, 2009

Everything's working again! :D

Sorry for the random emails, everyone. All fic chapters should be correctly displayed again, too. Fic posting and editing is once more available. I'll post a couple more fic exchange fics later tonight.

(Thanks for working so quickly, DNA! *hugs*)

Phew! This was our first major system outage, everyone. *pats UR* Our baby's having growing pains!

Technical Difficulties

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January 03rd, 2009

As some of you may have noticed, has been having some technical problems since yesterday. We're aware of the issue, and are working on fixing it; in the mean time, please report any problems you find to the UR staff by commenting on this news post or e-mailing us at

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but everything should be working within a day or two.


ETA: Fic editing and creation have been temporarily disabled.



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