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April 01st, 2008

Edit, April 24th: Hourglass judges: please hurry up and send in your votes! Remember, you can only do so until May 10th—that's only two weeks away! :)


The deadline for joining the Hourglass judging pool and for nominating fics for Hourglass is now over; judges, please rate all fics in the categories you selected by clicking on this link. You have until May 10th to finish voting.

In addition to removing the nominating and volunteering forms from the Hourglass pages, we have renamed the Best Romance Fic category "Best Het Romance Fic" (as opposed to the other romance category, which is Best Slash Romance Fic). Naming the het category simply "Romance" was a mere oversight on our part; it predated the creation of the Slash category, and was meant to include fics of both genres. However, we feel that the new name is clearer and more appropriate, and we apologise to anyone who may have felt offended by our blunder. :)



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