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Cycle IX...again

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February 13th, 2007

Hey everyone, for real this time--Cycle IX: Magical Mythos is now CLOSED.

Members of the Judging Pool--stand by.

And, Happy Valentine's Day! *grins*

Edit: Okay, the e-mails to selected judges have been sent!

Exchange part III

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February 10th, 2007


Is there anything you guys would like to see displayed in your Main MemCP page? It currently shows only the number of reviews you have received since your last visit, and the number of news posts since then.

Do you have any suggestions?


Fic Exchange Authors Revealed!

Hey! Remember the Fic Exchange? Well, not all fics were posted, I know – because not everyone sent them in. But I thought it would be good to reveal now the authors of the fics that we did receive. So, if you've received your gift, check the list below to find out who wrote it!

ForeverOptimistic wrote Tarot, a gift to Sharon (Merle).

Thirty2flavors wrote The First Link, a gift to Holly (everblue3).

Hell_penguin wrote Run Away, a gift to Michelle (Mische).

Sarinileni wrote How to Get the Fairytale Ending, a gift to Christy (ChristyCorr).

Anokam wrote The Pregnancy, a gift to Trish (cherrychalk).

Falling_star13 wrote Hippogriffs of a Herd Must Run Together, a gift to Kali (Thirty2flavors).

Emily McElroy wrote Doors, a gift to Eden (Eden).

Beedaily wrote The Six Degrees of Drunknenness, a gift to Julia (ShIvErInG_sMiLe).

Mische wrote Stubborn, a gift to Mabel (ForeverOptimistic).

Mel wrote Of Anniversaries and Communism, a gift to Anna (texmas).

Merle wrote Shy, a gift to Lynn (Y. Kuang).


If you sent your fic and it does not appear on this list, it means I did not receive it. Please resend it to If you haven't sent it in yet for any other reason, there is still time! I will be more than glad to post more gifts :)

The authors mentioned in this post can now post the fics they wrote under their own username.


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February 01st, 2007

Release date announced!

We don't normally use this section to announce fandom news, but this deserves it (and it's not like we're ever going to have a similar oportunity): the official release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been announced at JKR's website: Saturday, July 21st!

Let the anticipation and the squeeage begin =)


You can now add a keyword to your icons (up to 16 characters), and credit them properly! Both the keyword and the link to the iconmaker will appear in your profile page.



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