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Judging Issues

Hourglass nomineePermanent AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnertwinsuns
November 18th, 2007

Edit: Judges, your results are due!

Believe it or not, 2007 is almost over. That means it's time to start signing up for the 2008 Judging Pool! If you'd like to take part in judging next year's challenges--even if you're already in the 2007 pool--you need to sign up for the 2008 Pool. It's easy: click the link above, and submit your penname.

Edit: I edited the page so that it now says 2008 pool. *grins* Don't be afraid to sign up!

If anyone wants to contribute Challenge ideas, especially for the December one, a thread can be found here.

Have fun everyone (espeically those of you partaking in NaNoWriMo!),


Fic Exchange, again

Hourglass nomineeModPermanent AccountWiki StaffThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerChristyCorr
November 06th, 2007

Sign-up for the 2007 Unknowable Room Christmas Fic Exchange is now closed. All participants should have received their prompts by now. If you have not received yours, please comment here, and I will resend it.

Remember: fics are due on December 15, and they should be emailed to (or

Happy writing!

TOP Second Edition!

ModPaid AccountThe Owl Post Staffrose_pagonias
November 03rd, 2007

Good morning, all! :)

If you're staring at your screen and wondering who I am and why I'm making a news post, odds are, you're probably not alone.

No, I'm not a new admin or anything of the like, but I am the Assistant Supreme Owl Dropping Cleaner and am posting on behalf of the entire staff to tell you that I am extremely (ridiculously) pleased to present:


We hope you enjoy what we've finally produced! :)

*group hugs all of her Owls*


In and Out

Hourglass nomineePermanent AccountHourglass winnerScrivenshaft Winnertwinsuns
November 01st, 2007

Just wanted to pop in real quick to mention that the Scrivenshaft Challenge is now closed! Potential judges, take a look into your inboxes within the next few days--you'll get one if you've been chosen!

Edit: As of November 3rd, e-mails have been sent out to the selected judges. Check your inboxes!


Don't forget to sign up for the fic exchange!



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