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Dead Laptop

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
May 26th, 2006

Hello, UnknowableRoom.

Where has Solarism been? Gah. Around, but, most unfortunately, not here. My laptop is dead. This is just a quick post to let you know I'm okay,but it may be another 2 weeks to a month before I'm able to come back. :(

I miss working, miss you guys, and hope you don't hate me terribly for being so useless as of late.

UR admins, please see my LJ for an important financial note.

- Dede

Session notes

Permanent AccountSilverspinner
May 23rd, 2006

Hey, all. Just poking my head in to let everyone know that the notes from Session 3 are available and archived on the Mentoring Herald. I haven't sifted through the transcript for exerpts yet as I've been busy and it's almost two in the morning now, but there'll be something up shortly. :)


Next session

Permanent AccountSilverspinner
May 20th, 2006

Hey, everyone. Am leaping back onstage to announce that the next chat session will be held this Sunday, 11 AM - 2 PM EST, via AIM as the last two have been. Same procedure as usual--sign on to AIM between eleven and two, add 'zazenica' to your buddy list, IM me, and ask to be invited. If you don't have AIM, you can download it here.

Subject matter for this session: An integrated look at writing style and character functionality within the greater context of the story. Once the session is over, I'll condense what was said into bullet form and post it in the chat session archive, which you can find in the Mentoring Herald.

Everyone who can make it is welcome to come and listen or participate, no matter what your experience level. Also--a note about the timeframe: I'm trying to shift the hours of each session so that as many people as possible can make it at least once. Apologies if these hours are inconvenient for those of you who are on PST or in a nearby far the schedules have been less than satisfactory for UR members on GMT.

That said, g'night, everyone, and hope to see you there! :)

New Polls

Permanent Accounteverblue3
May 14th, 2006

Hey all, surfacing just to announce that 3 new polls have been posted. We realize that not everyone on the site is a student, and so we're combining the end-of-term questions with some HP and writing polls.




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