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Notes from the second session!

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March 27th, 2006

Greetings, everyone!

So our second chat session finished yesterday afternoon, with yet another 46 pages of material generated (we're on a roll, eh?). You can find the much-coveted notes from the session here. They're not complete yet as I still have to sort through the rest of the transcript before adding more exerpts, but not to worry; they'll be available in short order.

I'd also like to thank Eden and twinsuns for helping out with the discussion--you two were fantastic. And thanks, of course, to everyone who came and contributed. Great points all around, guys.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of the next session; we'll be keeping you posted! :D

Cycle VI Announcement

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March 26th, 2006

I'm pleased to announce the sixth cycle of the Scrivenshaft Challenge:

Cycle VI - April 2006: "The Ties That Bind"

What are the ties that bind? What are the allegiances sworn in secret, the oaths given in the midst of torture, and what do they mean? Why not tell us?

(Results for the last cycle will be posted tomorrow)

Next session

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March 25th, 2006

Alright, gang, here's the scoop.

The next UR discussion is this Sunday, 12 - 3 PM EST, subject matter characterization and character relationships. I'll be holding it on AIM again, which you can download here; doing so is very easy and requires minimal computer knowledge. :) Same procedure as last time--if you're interested in participating, add 'zazenica' to your buddy list, IM me, and ask to be invited to the chat.

I've also been speaking with twinsuns (aka Erin, who is a mentor and an invaluable member of the UR staff), and we've decided to try running some of these discussions on the forums as well. The forum layout, with the capacity for multiple threads, would change the pace and organization of the discussions a bit-- and that's what we're interested in: new ways of expanding and coordinating Mentoring. I'll put out an announcement a few days to a week before such a session is scheduled to take place, and then we'll have at it. XD

Ciao, everyone! Hope to see you there!

New Stuff Coming Soon

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March 20th, 2006

This is what I would like to do with over the next 3 weeks:

+ A new option that allows you to credit people for your usericons.
+ A new layout (or at least some additional colors).
+ Preliminary progress put up on Hourglass Awards.
+ Forum reorganization of sorts.
+ TGB/ online store updated & promoted.
+ Alert system activated.

Some of this is of course dependent on Cine. I'll work out what I can with her, but otherwise, at least expect the basic stuff courtesy of my new found motivation to work. :) Special thanks to Holly and Jenna for all of their diligence in the Mentoring and Scrivenshaft areas... and also a special get well to Missy, who has been very ill for a long time. The girl is amazing--so sick she can barely do anything, but she still finds time to be our treasurer. :) Rock on.


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March 12th, 2006

It's been lonely around here lately and I feel as though I should say something.

Things are on autopilot in a lot of ways. Why? Well, life. That's always the excuse, isn't it? But life isn't really an excuse--it's a valid, heartwrenching reason. People die because of it. Exhales of glorious poetry are never read because people kept too caught up in it.

So I would apologize, but I won't.

I hope things are okay. I hope you all still enjoy the old website. I hope you'll stick around until we start getting really super motivated to make improvements and changes and things again.

All will come in time, hopefully sooner than later.

Remember that you're loved.

- Dede



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