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Important Scrivenshaft Announcement

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February 27th, 2006

Please read the important post made to the thegreatbreak LiveJournal community about the Scrivenshaft Challenges.

Credibility and Commitment: A Note of Concern


And the session finishes!

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February 27th, 2006

Hello, Unknowableroom!

The first Q/A session--which turned out to be more of a discussion on characterization and description than a question/answer session--was a fabulous success, and for that I want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who came. Not only did we have numerous good insights; we also generated a whopping 46 pages of material during that conversation. XD Needless to say, it's quite a bit to read through, so I've summarized all the major points here, in bullet format. I've also included a few exerpts from the transcript in the hopes that they'll flesh out the summarized notes a bit; we had a lot of good points made on all sides.

General consensus is that we're going try to make these things a tradition. We'll shake up the hours next time and see if we can't include more members from further corners of the globe, and once we get the UR chat feature straightened out, we'll be able to run sessions there instead of through AIM or MSN. I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks again, everyone. You guys kick some serious butt.

First Q/A session

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February 23rd, 2006

Hey hey hey!

So, about those poll results.

I'll be holding the first mentor-led question/answer session on AIM this Sunday afternoon from 2 - 5 PM EST. The topic covered will be Common Pitfalls in Fiction Writing. If you're interested in attending, simply sign onto AIM at any time during the session, add 'zazenica' to your buddy list, and ask for an invitation to the chat room.

Subtopics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Mary Sues (and avoiding them without sapping the good qualities out of your characters).
  • Rushing into important scenes without establishing character, mood, context, etc.; inadequate development/use of detail.
  • Over-/Under-developed secondary characters and how to get the maximum benefit from your entire cast.
  • Using dialogue as a primary plot device.
  • Style pitfalls, such as word repetition, diction that doesn't fit into the context, flat prose, etc.

These are some of the major pitfalls I've come across in my own experience as a reader and writer, but I'm all ears if you're thinking of attending and have suggestions.

All interested and aspiring authors are welcome to come, including authors who have applied for apprenticeship and currently have a mentor or have been put on the waiting list. The session will run according to a loosely-defined outline that'll be posted on UR before the session is scheduled to begin. You can expect to hear a general synopsis of each topic as it's introduced, but I'll likely spend most of the time fielding and asking questions to get people thinking. This is where you guys get to ask whichever questions you want, so long as they pertain to the topic at hand. Code of conduct: Be respectful of each other, and only one person should be speaking at a given time for obvious reasons. I'll answer as many questions as possible to the best of my ability.

Towards the end, everyone remaining in the chat will have the chance to give their opinion on how the session went, and an outline of what occurred during the session will be posted on a specially designated page on UR for general reference after the session is over. There'll be a review feature on that page where feedback can be provided as well; all comments, whether good, bad, or lukewarm, will be welcome.

Questions? Comments? Criticism? Let me know.

TTFN. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Black Family Tree

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February 21st, 2006

The final version of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black has been posted!

What are your thoughts/reactions/feelings? Check out our forum thread for this development, and let us know whether this spurs you to write or dashes your hopes!

Onward to the Forum!

And, if you'd like...check out the following essays/reactions already posted online:
NEW The Black Family and Star Names by peachespig
NEW The Black Family Tree and Wizarding Lifespans by McTabby
NEW HPANA on the Family Tree
An essay about the Princes in the Black family by seanachai
The initial analysis of the Black family and a later update given new info by junediamanti

If you've other essays/reactions to add, note them in the comments or on the forum.

Back for the break

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February 20th, 2006

Ah, but things are brewing on the mentoring front again: the first mentor-led question/answer session (tentatively scheduled for sometime towards this coming weekend) and a feature that will allow apprentices to review their mentors, similar to the feature available on Perfect Imagination. I'd like to nudge everyone who's at all interested in the program to head over to the Mentoring Herald, check out/comment on the most recent news post, and then vote in the new polls I've posted. Please? :)

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!


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February 13th, 2006

Just so everyone knows, the application for apprenticeship is back up. I've also added fields for time zones to both major mentoring forms.

'Til later!
- Jenna

Valentine's Day

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February 04th, 2006

Valentine's Day is approaching here at the Unknowable Room. Some of us lament it or resent it and others of us adore it. Everyone always writes fics for Christmas, so why not try your hand at a Valentine's Day fic for the big day? Love it or hate it, do your own personal take on it. If you put up something and want other people to hear about it, let me know by commenting here. I'll do my best to make sure it's spotlighted in the week leading up to V-Day.

- Dede

Scrivenshaft Results

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February 01st, 2006

I'm beyond pleased to announce that for the fifth cycle of the Scrivenshaft Challenge, we have 22 entries!

Each of the 10 morals was used at least once (though one moral was used a total of 6 times), and the entries range in length from 495 to 3,951 words. The avg (mean) length is 1573 words. There are several of each genre, and many characters are represented.

ETA 5.Feb: Judging emails have been sent out, so if you were in the Judging Pool, check your email (and your junk folder, just in case) for an appointment email from Happy reading to all!

Want to enter the Scrivenshaft Judging Pool for the next cycles?

Thank you to all participants, and good luck!



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