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Patience: Bah Humbug

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September 21st, 2005

Right. So, most of our admins are currently swamped with offline work. Christy and Holly are working on completing their college/graduate coursework. Missy (our oldest admin) is married and has a full time job, which sets definite limits on the time she can spend contributing to the archive. The remaining 6 of us are in the thick of high school, which is also extremely time consuming, as I'm sure most of our users can empathize with.

The good news is that we're not dead and that we're still working on the site. Just because you don't see progress uploaded yet doesn't mean that we aren't hammering away. Our current projects include fixing more site bugs, developing the Scrivenshaft Challenge page, developing the About page, and organizing the rest of our information so that we can start inviting more beta authors.

Let's face it: life intervenes sometimes. We're pulling through--just don't expect any colossal changes for another week or so, which is when our schedules should start returning to normal.

Thank you all for your continued patience with us and with the archive. We're trying to build the best site that we can here. We only hope that you will all be as satisfied as we are with it when it finally opens to the public. If you have any questions or comments that are archive-related, please e-mail the admins at and we will get back to you in full as soon as possible.

See you all soon for another (and hopefully much more interesting/productive) update.

- Dede

Bah, Life!

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September 13th, 2005

Hello, world.

Excuse the sluggish progress on the site over the past few days. We made some changes to the Community and Education sections, but not much else has been going on around here. We know that waiting around for us to do more can be frustrating. Unfortunately, all of our schedules are making it difficult to work as much as we would like to right now. Hopefully, we'll start going full speed ahead again on Wednesday of this week, so watch out for that.

In other news, we haven't sent any more invite codes out yet. There are still a lot of people we want to work with to help beta the site, but, again, life is intervening and making it difficult to deal with the problems we're running into with just a few authors here. We promise that more invite codes will be generated and distributed by next weekend. Thank you for your patience.

Authors - we understand that there are some errors with fic deletion and whatnot. Cine and I will discuss it and work to fix it as soon as we can. :) For the time being, we urge your continued patience. Thank you all for being so cool about the little errors you're running into. Your participation in the site beta is helping us improve it many times over. We're grateful for your input as always.

While everyone is waiting for the site to start generating some more fun, why not go try out the Scrivenshaft Challenge over at TGB? [Winners for the previous challenge will be announced soon. Sorry, again, for all of the delays.]

You can also check out the new music poll I just put up. :) I'm curious to see the responses.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment here and let me know what's up. Other than that, I'll see you guys Wednesday or Thursday for some more site updates.

- Dede

The Invitations Are Coming

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September 08th, 2005

We've started inviting beta authors. :)

Approximately 23 authors from TGB (not including administrators and staff) and about 11 outside authors are going to be invited. A few have already received invitations, but the majority of the invites will be sent out over the next few days. We're trying to take it slow because we're already running into a couple of errors (special thanks to Lamina Court for being so patient).

Basically? Relax. :) More invitations are coming.

We encourage the authors who begin to sign up here to post their fics and wander around. There isn't terribly much to see yet, but, eh. They get the idea, I think.

See you all in a day or two.

- Dede

Site Progression

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September 04th, 2005

This week you can look forward to a few changes around the site.

We're sure that some of you have already noticed the integration of polls on the right-hand side of the screen. Also, when you have the site on the lime color, we have a few interesting little graphic additives for you, as well. :) This is what will be happening over the next 7 days (we hope):

+ Fixing a few minor errors around the site to make things look better and to get things functioning at a higher level. - COMPLETE.
+ Some filler pages for the Fanart, Community, and Education sections of the site.
+ Small developments occuring on the Hourglass Awards, which will be found under "Community" eventually. - COMPLETE, but not available to view.
+ Invitations sent out to a select few authors to set up accounts and upload their fics.
+ Integration of graphics courtesy of Juli (Musetta). - COMPLETE.

Again, thank you all for your patience. We know it's been a frustratingly long wait for the site, but we're still working hard to get it open to the public as soon as possible. :) We would like to respectfully remind you all that we will not be distributing account codes except to fellow admins, our coding & graphics team, and a select few authors for beta purposes.

Please do not e-mail us asking for account codes. We have been getting a few of those lately, but we cannot give accounts to the general public yet. Thanks for your understanding. Just hang in there for awhile and all will be brilliant, we promise.

- The Admins



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