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Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
August 28th, 2005

Hi, everyone!

This is Solarism and everblue3, posting to let you guys know that the site is very much a WIP. :) We're getting there, though, eh? So far we've uploaded a couple of our fics. Watch out for the rest of the mods to come swarming in tomorrow or the next day.

As of right now, you can leave reviews. You just have to do it anonymously. Do us a favor and sign your name at the bottom or something so that we can love on you later.

For reference, first fic is The Preferable Maiden Fair by Solarism. First review is also by Solarism on her own stupid fic. First anonymous comment belongs to Anna (pink_pudding of LJ). Heh. :) Go to town, kids!

More news later.

- Solarism and everblue3

We're Up And Running!

Permanent AccountCine
August 28th, 2005

At least the most important parts of the site is, anyway. You can see at the checklist in the earlier entry what we still have to complete. Which actually is quite a lot, I realise, but at least you should be able to register, login, post stories and review stories. And that IS the most important things.

For now, registration is limited, because we'd like to control who signs up in the beginning. But relax, it will be open to public before you know it. :)

And I guess that's all I have to report. The next days, we will be working on the member control panel, (it WOULD be nice to be able to edit your profile, or at least view it, hehe.) and then the search and fanart sections are up next. I expect everything to be done by the end of September, if not before.

Lots of love,
the Admins.



August 23rd, 2005

* Frontpage
* Login
* Registration
* Forgotten password
* News page
* Chapter layout
* MemCP, Document Management
* MemCP, Frontpage
* MemCP, Story Creation
* MemCP, Story Management
* MemCP, Add Chapters
* MemCP, Fanart
* MemCP, Profile
* Profile
* Alerts System
* Admin, Update Blog
* Admin, Dictionary
* Admin, Beta Reading (not sure how this will be work.. any suggestions what it should do?
* Admin, Member Management
* Admin, lots of other stuff
* Recently Updated
* Search
* Reviews



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