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November Challenge Reminder

Permanent Accounteverblue3
November 28th, 2005

I know we've all been busy with Thanksgiving (in the States), National Novel-Writing Month, and the oncoming holidays, but don't forget about the Scrivenshaft Challenge!

This month's challenge, "Greeting The Season," is waiting for you, and is days away from closing!

Due to holidays and the above time constraints (as well as Challenge Administrator AWOL-ness), the deadline has been pushed back a bit. Get your entries in by 6 December 2005 to be considered for this month's challenge!

Useful Links
Current Challenge Cycle
Main Scrivenshaft Page
Be part of the Judging Pool! (Judging will be conducted between 6 and 25 December)

Misc Updates

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
November 26th, 2005

Hello! Quick update today.

  • We've been adding site content to various pages on the archive, so check out the Community and Education sections for updates and new information.
  • We are now proud affiliates with Perfect Imagination, an excellent beta reading service that we recommend to all authors in need of an editor.
  • Some members have taken the initiative to start a music sharing e-mail account. If you're interested in sharing music for free with your fellow members, check out the Features page under Community.
  • Lauren (rose_pagonias) is our newest staff member. She will soon be taking part in the Spotlighting activities of We're honored to have her on the staff!
  • We've run into some errors with review counts and strangely disappearing icons. Chances are, you haven't encountered them and, thus, have no idea what we're talking about. Don't worry. They're being fixed.
  • Because we're cool icon fiends, permanent accounts now have 100 icons and paid accounts have 20! Yay, icons! (No, you can't buy paid accounts yet. Sorry. We're working on that, too. By Christmas, definitely!)

That's all for today. Stay safe, loves!


We're Thankful

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
November 24th, 2005

Hello, darlings!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends out there. In the spirit of the holiday, the administrators would like to remind you all how thankful we are for your support and cooperation. We feel truly blessed to work with such interesting and talented individuals on this archive, and have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you already. If ever you are interested in saying hi, feel free to stop by our profiles and leave us comments in our tag boxes. We're pretty good with responding to e-mails as well. Just take our usernames and attach and you've got a way to contact us! Personally, I can be found at, and I adore e-mails. Let me know what you think of the site. I'm curious to know what you guys think!

With the launch of our Mentoring Program and the looming beginning of the Hourglass Awards, round 1, we're more thankful than ever for all of our members. We trust that both programs are going to be an amazing success, due in large part to your enthusiasm and participation.

The Hourglass Awards are accepting nominations starting December 1st. The page isn't completed yet, but check back soon to read all of the official rules and explanations of how it works. Unfortunately, we had to wipe all of the previous nominations because so many fics were lost in the transition to UR, but never fear! Nominations will allow all of the great fics to be nominated again, and offer a chance for newer fics to get some notice, too. The only fics you can't nominate are by the 9 administrators, because we're judging. Hee. :) Good luck to all who are nominated, and we trust this challenge will turn into something fabulous with your help and support at our side.

We hope everyone is having a great week. Stay happy, guys! We love you!


Mentoring - Don't shoot us; we're on it

Permanent AccountSilverspinner
November 24th, 2005

Hey, guys. I bring tidings from the mentors:

Well, it's been a busy two months. With all the mods being hit with a regular crapstorm of work at our jobs or in school, we haven't been processing applications as quickly as we'd have liked to. For this we send you our deepest, sincerest apologies--we know you've been waiting for an age to hear from us about mentoring, but I can safely say tonight (well, this morning) that the waiting period is over. All applicants for apprenticeship are being thoroughly researched and paired with mentors right now, and you should be hearing from us very soon about who you're paired with. Oh, the beauty of the holiday season...

Speaking of mentoring, there's been a change of plans regarding interviews. We've decided to conduct them on a case-by-case basis, since it's more than clear for many applicants that they'd be able to improve their writing with a mentor. This ought to significantly step up the pace of admission, not to mention save everyone some extra time and anxiety.

To all mentors and prospective apprentices: I'm more or less free for the next four days, so if you have any questions or comments regarding the mentoring program, please direct them to me at:

AIM: zazenica

I may not always be online, but you'll be able to reach me via email. If you haven't caught me, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm brimming with pride and exceitement. This is actually becoming a reality. :D

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States, and cheers to everyone not in the USA!
- Jenna


Permanent AccountCine
November 20th, 2005

The most basic parts of the fanart archive is up now! You can upload pictures from your memcp, view them in your profile and in the Fanart section, and comment on other's pictures. :D

The thumbnails differ in size, depending on what kind of account you have. Paid/permanent accounts get big pretty 100x100 thumbnails, but the free ones are smaller, only 80x80 pixels.

At the moment, you can't change the picture without deleting it and reuploading it, but I should have that fixed by tomorrow.

Errors and Complaints

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
November 17th, 2005

It'll be a short update this time. Sorry, guys.

All right--I've noticed around the forums that some of you have been rather disgruntled because you've reported some form of an error and haven't seen it fixed yet. Apparently to try to push the cause, some people are posting about the problem in multiple areas, presuming that the more they post and complain about an error, the more likely we are to take notice. I've also had some e-mails about how annoying so-and-such is, accompanied by demands that we fix the problems presently and without further delay. Hm.

Though of course we are dedicated to improving and fixing the site as quickly and efficiently as we can, we are all very busy with work and school. right now. It is impossible for us to make many additions or changes to the site this week. We plan to do as much as we can as soon as possible, but the point is that even with the few site errors that exist, the archive is still operational. We must ask for your patience and understanding when it comes to these errors--we swear that it is on our to-do list to fix all of them in due time.

To clarify, yeah, certain things in the MemCP don't work yet. Also, paid accounts are not yet available. Likewise, we know there are problems with changing story information such as ratings and summaries. Believe us, we've had enough e-mails and comments about it all to make us want to fix all of these things as soon as possible. If we could do it right now, we would.

With that said, sit tight and relax for a bit, friends. We're working on it. :)


- Dede

Grand opening of the Mentoring Program!

Permanent AccountSilverspinner
November 14th, 2005

'Evening, everyone!

So it's been several weeks since we made our first all-call for mentors, and since then, we've added a grand total of five people to our mentoring staff, and...

We are now ready to open the program to prospective apprentices! If you're interested in becoming an apprentice, you can apply here; but if you haven't done so already, please read the program description before casting an application. In the event that you've already submitted one, you can expect to hear from us soon. ;)

In keeping with the spirit, a reminder to those of you who'd like to get some help:

The Mentoring Program focuses on helping authors fix the big picture in their stories--i.e. getting rid of cliches, eliminating plot holes, fixing characterization, etcetera; the Mentoring Program does not focus on nitpicking for spelling and/or grammatical errors. So if you're interested in getting someone to help you proofread, definitely head over to the beta reading page; Perfect Imagination is a very reliable beta reading service, and you can be sure of getting excellent quality help there.

We're closing down admission of new mentors for the time being, since we're pretty sure we have enough manpower to handle the first influx of apprentices; but if we find ourselves in a crunch, we'll put out an announcement. For those who applied to become mentors but weren't granted the status, please understand that it isn't personal, and that we truly appreciate your willingness to help.

Again, thank you to everyone who's supported us in this venture. You all rock. :D



Permanent AccountSilverspinner
November 12th, 2005

Hello, Unknowableroom. I have very good news for you. :)

We have two new mentors. Eden and Godswake, welcome!
(Seriously, you two, you've got no idea how thrilled I am to announce this.)

As for the general progress of the Mentoring Program, we're still expanding our staff (and doing very well with that, if I must say so myself). We'll soon be ready to begin taking applications for apprenticeship in earnest. Don't worry if you've already applied to become an apprentice but haven't heard from us yet; everything you've submitted to us is safely filed and backed up, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as the applications are processed. The same goes for all of you who have volunteered to become mentors. Even if things are a bit quiet here on the front page, we're always an email away and ready to answer any questions you may have. :)

Thank you so much for all your support and enthusiasm, everyone. Happy weekend!


Quick Update...

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
November 10th, 2005

I'm just making a quick update to let you all know that we're still alive. November has ushered in a swamp of work for all 9 of us, making it oftentimes difficult to update as much as we would like. We promise that we're still here, still sorting through and responding to complaints and problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, and are working on getting the paid account situation sorted out for all those who wish to purchase one. Though I haven't much to report tonight, at least there's the promise of new features and developments in the coming weeks. We're dedicated to making the site as great as we can.

We'd like to thank all of our users for the immense amount of support and encouragement we've received since Halloween. Your patience, trust and kindness have been invaluable assets in opening this archive. We're grateful for your input and feedback, unwavering support, compassion, and understanding. We are all so proud to be apart of a community of truly intelligent, down-to-earth people. I think that all 450 of us [at time of post] should consider ourselves blessed to be apart of such an interesting community. :)

Have a safe week, guys. I'll update again when I have more news to offer.


Progression! Yay!

Review TeamPermanent AccountSolarism
November 02nd, 2005

So I'm at school and making a quick update to let you guys know whats going on with the site so far. :)

Cine has been working on fixing some errors, but we realize that new ones always reveal themselves when we least expect it. Now that the Halloween rush is over, we're trying to uncover these errors and fix them as quickly as we can. Please keep reporting them as you find them on the forums, especially if you don't think we've noticed them yet. Chances are that other people are getting the same errors you are.

In the next week or so, we're going to implement our paid account system. We're looking at relatively cheap prices and a special discount for all those who sign up for one during the first two weeks of their release. When we have more information on it, we'll give you an accurate price list and the extra features you get. All money goes toward the website (we never make a profit) and will help us pay for site costs and improve the archive in general. All payments will be accepted through PayPal for now. We don't have the capabilities to accept any other form of money yet, sorry!

Most of you haven't signed up at the forums yet. If you haven't used your account to sign up at the forums, please do. They're really fun to talk to other members on. Go on there and make some friends. :)

Today my goal is go around and give some reviews to the lesser known members that have joined so far. When we announce some of our new staff members later this week, spotlighting unknown authors will be a regular thing here at UR. I hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am.

With love,



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