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Unknowable Room is Going to AO3!

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May 14th, 2017

Hi there—it's been a while!

As our other news posts indicate, UR has had a spambot problem for some time, and maintaining the archive despite the technical difficulties has been a challenge. We definitely don't want all the amazing works and memories here to be lost, though!

So we got in touch with the Open Doors team, and together we will import the contents of UR to the Archive of Our Own starting in July. We will publish more details about the move later on, including more details about how to claim your works there if you already have an account, and how to remove your work from the import if you don't want it moved. We'll also email everyone with works on UR with this information.

Thank you all for being part of UR throughout the years, and we look forward to seeing you on AO3!

Uh, so.

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April 17th, 2012

Uh, so. *sheepish grin* Our spambot woes are far from over, it seems :(

I'm really, really sorry for this outage, guys. My friend and tech wiz kid DNA finally managed to get the site back up today, and he's trying his damnedest to keep the evil spambots at bay, but we're totally depending on him.

However, I'm happy to report that server-wise, we're totally on the up-and-up—paid up in full until 2014 at least! So don't worry: even if these pesky spambots manage to overrun us again, we'll be back! And your data won't be lost! :D

(You should always back up your fics, though! Incidentally, if you want an invite to the brilliant Archive of Our Own to mirror your stuff there, which I highly recommend, email me and I'll hook you up!)

Spambots :(

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January 05th, 2012

Hey, guys! As you probably noticed, we had some trouble with Google these past few weeks—spambots hacked into some UR pages and added malicious code to them. Google spotted that when crawling our website and flagged UR for review; but now all the code is clean again, and Google gave us the all-clear, so yay!

Welcome back, UR! :D


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October 10th, 2011

Oh hey, a second admin post! The Apocalypse must be upon us!

So um, I was deleting a spam comment in the news post Missy made the other day, and apparently it made the news comment system all kinds of wonky (hopefully just for that post). I know, I know, the irony of us doing something for a change and that something fucking things up is very much not lost on me.

Don't comment there! Everything you post shows up out of order, it's a mess. And Nisha, a comment of yours has mysteriously disappeared into the UR servers' very temperamental Vanishing Cabinet. Sorry about that.

So yes, this is me, checking whether I've accidentally done too much damage. Ho hum.

Edit: Yep, the damage is limited to that post alone! Woot!


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October 05th, 2011

Hello Roomies!

Things you may not know:
- Your UR Admins are still kicking.
- Your UR Admins still care.
- Your UR Admins are very sorry for the inactivity.

Should I bother with an actual apology? Just know that you have it.

I'm not here with any amazing announcements nor can I make any promises, but I can tell you that neither you, nor the site, have been abandoned! In fact, I would very much like to hear any thoughts or concerns any of you have. Are there certain site bugs that you think should be a priority? Are there any suggestions to make the site more active again? Anything you have to say, please don't be shy to voice yourself!

I'm currently trying to do some work behind the scenes. Don't be alarmed if you notice the amount of members under the site statistics dropping. As true as I wish it could be, we really don't have over 37 thousand members. If you have an account that has not been verified, it will be deleted in the near future. If you are having issues with passwords or haven't received a verification email, please let me know (either here or email or

I'm also looking into updating the forums, which should fix a lot of the problems we've had there in the last year. Hopefully, I'll be able to look into some of the major bugs worming their way around the site as well.

So, tell me how things are going! What's on your mind? What are your biggest concerns with the site? How do you feel now that the movies all done? Did you get into Pottermore beta?


Fic Exchange 2009 Results (finally)

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July 12th, 2010


The time has finally arrived! Over the next few days, I'll be uploading the remaining fics for the Fic Exchange and announcing the reveals here. Again, we're really sorry for our fail concerning the 2009 Exchange. =

Enough babble, though, right? Here you go!

1.The Misadventures of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, a gift for GlynnisGriffiths, written by Cherrybear.

2.A Marauder Holiday, a gift for pogonotrophy, written by TelwynDubois.

3.Chasing Shadows, a gift for LadySugarQuill, written by amethysth.

4.Calming the Fires, a gift for amethysth, written by elementi.

5.Honest Results, a gift for afterthree, written by Beedaily.

6.Lovesick, a gift for elementi, written by enchantedsleeper.

7.Grapefruit, a gift for TelwynDubois, written by fizzingwhizbee.

8.Oliver Wood, Wood, Would You Love Me?, a gift for fizzingwhizbee, written by AnotherDreamer.

9.All Because of the Quidditch Final, a gift for MarauderNumber5, written by tlinjang.

10.Holland, Siouxsie and All the Things Inbetween, a gift for Lilyre, written by PirateSmile.

11.Before We Begin, a gift for Beedaily, written by GlynnisGriffiths.

12.Not Like This, a gift for cosmopolitan, written by xx_audrey.

13.The Champion, a gift for AnnaKarenina, written by AnotherDreamer.

If any of the information is wrong, please let me know. Also, if you never turned in your fic, I'll happily take it still so it can be archived in the ficexchange account!
Happy reading! <3!


Helping the HP Alliance

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July 08th, 2010

Hey Roomies!

Want to support a great cause? The Harry Potter Alliance is currently competing in the Chase Community Giving Competition for $250,000 on Facebook. Voting ends on the 12th of July and they could use our support!

If you aren't aware of some of the great things the HP Alliance has done, here's just a few things they've done recently. They run literacy campaigns, they raised $123,000 for Haiti (just one of their Humanitarian Aid campaigns), and have a Voter Awareness campaign, Wizard Rock the Vote, to get first time voters registered. The money from the Chase Community Giving Competition would help them continue their efforts. To learn more about their plans for the money, take a look here.

Thanks for voting! The UR admins are proud to support the HP Alliance and what the HP fandom can do to help make the world a better place.

Vote for The Harry Potter Alliance in the Chase Challenge on Facebook, and the HPA could win $250,000. It takes only 30 seconds. Here's how:

1. Go to click "Get Started To Vote" and "Like" the Facebook app, then vote (green button, top right)!
2. Click the green button "Share with Friends" and post it to your feed to spread the word.
3. After you vote click here to tweet automatically.

Voting ends July 12th, but don't wait. We are competing with over 500,000 organizations. Vote! Then find 5 friends and make them vote. Harry Potter Alliance for the win!


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July 01st, 2010

Hello, Roomies!

I would like to start off with an apology from the entire admin team. We've really managed to fail at running this site properly for quite a while now. RL has been a bit crazy and quite busy for all of us, and although none of us intentionally ignored the site, we missed out on reveals for the fic exchange and we missed the annual Hourglass Awards. For these events, and for simply not being around, we do apologize. You still may not see us around as actively as we once were, but we do hope to remedy our absence. Please know we still care and we're still available for any issues or concerns.

And speaking of fic exchange reveals, I plan on announcing those in just a few days! I had nothing to do with running the exchange this past round, so it'll take me a bit to gather all the information and compile it, but I'm hoping to be able to post within the week. Hopefully, in the following couple of weeks, I'll be able to have all the fics uploaded to the fic exchange account. Keep an eye out!

Also, as soon as I manage to fix the poll, there will be new polls up and running. I'm working on that. =p

In happy news, the trailer to Deathly Hallows is out! The Harry Potter theme park has officially opened! UR turns five this year!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for events, changes, Spotlighting, anything at all, we'd love to hear from you! We're very sorry for our absence and failure to complete the fic exchange! We love all our Roomies!



Hourglass nomineeModPermanent AccountWiki StaffThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerChristyCorr
April 16th, 2010

*hangs head in shame*

So um, this year's fic exchange was all kinds of faily. I'm really sorry—it's pretty much entirely my fault. I didn't have time to find replacements for everyone who didn't send in an entry, and we ended up posting just a handful of fics. I'd explain myself, but really, I just owe you all a huge apology. It won't happen again. D:

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this announcement, but I kept thinking that maybe I'd find the time—maybe I could get things back on track somehow, but I failed utterly and completely, so here's my mea culpa.

Feel free to post the fics you wrote under your own name, of course, if you haven't already! Do you guys want me to announce here the authors of the fics we did post?

Fic Exchange 2009!

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January 11th, 2010

And here are the Fic Exchange 2009 stories, a few days late, but now we're off to the races!

8. Oliver Wood, Wood, Would You Love Me?, a gift for Christine.

7. Grapefruit, a gift for TelwynDubois.

6. Lovesick, a gift for elementi.

5. Honest Results, a gift for afterthree.

4. Calming Fires, a gift for amethysth.

3. Chasing Shadows, a gift for LadySugarQuill.

2. A Marauder Holiday, a gift for Christine (Pogonotrophy).

1. The Misadventures of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, a gift for Anne (GlynnisGriffiths).

We're really sorry for all the delays in posting these. All UR admins are totally swamped with RL. Sorry, guys, and thanks for understanding!



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