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April 17th, 2012

Uh, so. *sheepish grin* Our spambot woes are far from over, it seems :(

I'm really, really sorry for this outage, guys. My friend and tech wiz kid DNA finally managed to get the site back up today, and he's trying his damnedest to keep the evil spambots at bay, but we're totally depending on him.

However, I'm happy to report that server-wise, we're totally on the up-and-up—paid up in full until 2014 at least! So don't worry: even if these pesky spambots manage to overrun us again, we'll be back! And your data won't be lost! :D

(You should always back up your fics, though! Incidentally, if you want an invite to the brilliant Archive of Our Own to mirror your stuff there, which I highly recommend, email me and I'll hook you up!)

Hourglass nomineeModPermanent AccountWiki StaffThe Owl Post StaffHourglass winnerChristyCorr
January 05th, 2012

Hey, guys! As you probably noticed, we had some trouble with Google these past few weeks—spambots hacked into some UR pages and added malicious code to them. Google spotted that when crawling our website and flagged UR for review; but now all the code is clean again, and Google gave us the all-clear, so yay!

Welcome back, UR! :D


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    He unfolds the wrapper and folds it again in the other direction. He doesn’t like to see his Gran cry. That’s why he is doing this: to make his Gran happy again. She doesn’t smile, and that makes him sad. He thinks that there is only one thing that makes people truly happy, and that is family. Maybe if Gran gets her family back, she will smile again. The Weasleys smile lots and they have seven children. When he goes over there to play when Gran has adult business to sort out, they always play and laugh and seem so happy. They run around barefoot, play Quidditch on toy brooms, and go swimming in the pond outside their house. He isn’t allowed to run around without his shoes on, and he doesn’t know how to fly or swim. Maybe when Gran is happy again, and his Mummy and Daddy are better, his Daddy can teach him to swim and fly a broom, and his Mummy can run him a bath when he’s dirty and his feet are black from running around outside.

    from "A Thousand Paper Cranes", by Antique_Love

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