air max classics The world price of 118 yuan at Ap

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price of fruit appearance, fruit industry has changed the traditional pattern, expensive fruit at an unimaginable price swing in the crowd before its appearance mean?
imported fruit traders Changchun Yang Fan admitted that the current Changchun supermarkets sell this Japanese apple, people buy a lot. In particular, the New Year period, to sell a dozen every day. Few buyers have their own taste, and the majority of business gifts, there are foreign purchases into boxes.
price why Apple sold 118 so a fire
single price of imported apples over a hundred dollars

Area in the two large supermarket fruit and vegetable area, the reporter visited and found another expensive import of apples, but the price is slightly lower compared with the former, each $ 68.

According to reports, because the higher grade, gifts of pride, some of more popular high-end consumer price Apple crowd, and some traders to buy even one that is several boxes.
118 dollars to buy What? You can buy a bag of 50 kg of rice, two barrels of 5 l ordinary cooking oil, and now can only buy in Changchun, an apple.

his view, the same as Maotai, high price of fruit has gone beyond the concept of value, there have been a number of Changchun, the spending power of the rich class,air max classics, their pursuit of quality and personal consumption, as supporting the strong sales of luxury goods the main. With the continuous development of society, this layering phenomenon will become more apparent consumption, price of goods will be more in front of consumers.

price Apple sales? , because the higher grade, gifts of pride, some high-end consumer groups is still relatively keen interest.
Jilin University, School of Economics, Associate Professor Ding Zhaoyong that the price of fruit as a luxury sequence derived from a branch of the commodity, it has certain needs of the community. The so-called luxury goods, generally refers to those beyond the scope of people's survival and development needs, with unique, rare, exotic features such as consumer goods.

a broad sense, refers to the consumer an elegant and refined way of life, focusing on taste and quality and are mainly for high-end market products.

Fuming Li saw the apple,air max running shoes, the price is indeed much higher than the ordinary apple. Mouth of the so-called consumer price apple in appearance, tall, three to four times the ordinary apple, each priced at 118 yuan, is the world number one apple, produced in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. The fruit odor attractive,birkin bags, rounded shape. Apple pulp is white, very crisp and juicy, slow oxidation, in addition, this is the natural growth of the green apple fruit, does not impose any fertilizers or hormones, without any pesticide residue. This is the price of other similar fruits there are other underlying causes.
local businessmen to buy into pieces

high-end consumer groups to form

what Apple is so expensive, how much money one?
their eyes.
a purchase price of Apple's consumer chai told reporters a week ago, he bought three for gifts (36) Super World One Apple, spent a total of 4248 yuan, over interested in a few days to buy some.

This price Apple (right) than the average size apple (left), assistant Reporters Pengfei larger photo

as rapid economic development in recent years, Changchun, people need a complete high-end consumer goods appeared, this time the price-quality goods has become a prominent object of pursuit in this group; In addition,air ken griffey, the Spring Festival approaching, gifts demand for the commodity price Apple offers such a market. Businesses to meet this consumer attitudes, such goods will be provided in due course.

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