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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:40 pm    Post subject: the executive more and more obvious Reply with quote

Lee: This value should be within or in the actual is higher than this, because many patients did not know was misdiagnosed, and no one contests. China's annual examination of medical practice in half university graduates fail. If converted into percentile, only a few can test to 70 minutes. This is a concept? Practitioner exam questions are mainly multiple choice answers to choose one from five, no,canada goose, you can guess, guess wrong, with no penalty, guess it right to the point. In my opinion, the examination rules should be changed to this: correct answers to the points, got the wrong answer deducted the same points. This is more realistic, because doctors face is that the patient can not rely on guess wrong as misdiagnosis will result in the patient's physical and economic double loss. From this,moncler femme, the actual rate of misdiagnosis is not 50% on the end. The reason for this situation, and the quality of medical education in China is closely related. In recent years, medical colleges and universities despite the paper published a lot of teaching, to engage in a lot of teaching the subject, but for improving the quality of medical education did not have much practical effect.

Yan: What is your teaching method worked out?

Peking University School of Medicine graduate, associate professor, guard. In one view, these three identities is a contradiction, but set in one person, that person is the capital of Yanjing Medical University School of Medicine Li Bin. Li Bin is Zhangjiakou people laugh look simple and honest. Recently, people have this seemingly awkward real name posted publicly on the network that the drawbacks of the current medical education, and promote their own medical teaching, his remarks caused uproar in the network. Li Bin, why?

want to find a medical education,
I published in the forum, causing a lot of medical students and teachers of the resonance. Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Medicine also specifically a teacher called me to discuss this issue,唐宇家境不错with hundreds of relocatees involved, make relocatees The more stringent requirements, it is difficult to meet, so the road construction would drag things down, she believes that the current poor clinical medical students, interns at the school when it was to guide, but students are busy looking for work, such as graduated, the have their own way, I do not know how many patients will suffer.
Li Bin (hereinafter referred to as Lee): Strictly speaking, I was a graduate of Beijing Medical College, now the Medical Department of Peking University. I was reopening after the first candidate, then I have participated in the city of work. My identity is now the capital of Yanjing Medical College dorm guard, a group of students can be said that most people fail.

If high school students in low-grade student was reluctant to answer the question, then switched to persuade them to other professionals, because there is no love of people is not a doctor. If someone has a low-grade students do not understand their own problems, do not want to ask high school students, then have to persuade them to change school other professional.

Yan: This is what kind of logic? What you are experiencing setbacks?

the meantime, I have developed a teaching method, teaching methods, if you get this promotion, a lot of people will benefit, I would like to become an educator Comenius. It is with this in mind, I came to college. It now appears that this idea is too naive, and China's universities has its own operating logic, I can not adapt to this logic. Finally, I can not even associate professor are dry, from the beginning New Year's Day this year, when the guard was sent to the male dormitory.
Yan: from Peking University graduates to guard, in the middle is what kind of evolution?

Lee: I also applied for the subject, failed. Also, many colleges and universities will allow students to evaluate teachers. If you are a little strict examiner, before the exam if you do not plan range, etc., will provoke negative comments. I have been rated second to last. His wife died, I had a stroke, memory as before,Abercrombie Fitch france, I want to just give up, volunteered to go when the guard.

Martin: Now medical advances, the risk of misdiagnosis is not down?

Lee: It is now the university is like a machine, it is every day in the production of papers and topics. Take me, I was an associate professor in the core journals each year to more than one paper published, within two years, must apply to more than a field grade research projects.
Yan: the actual promotion of this approach effective?

I just want to die before my teaching methods can be promoted.

Lee: My approach was not ten years to promote, in 2007 I had also sued the Ministry of Education for this. I graduate from a university to a guard, was more determined character, not to blame. Post for me is a way of emotional catharsis, but I hope that this method can be promoted even though it is only a BP, like the transition PHS products, but it is at the present stage the level of national conditions and development of productive forces.
successive college enrollment, the students have become some of the decline in the quality of medical schools have to face the facts. Many teachers have such a sigh, before the lecture, 70% of the students can understand,ralph lauren shop, now 30% of the students can understand the good. In this case, the more necessary to promote my teaching methods.
misdiagnosed by the thought of teaching methods

At the time, I heard this figure was particularly shocked. Later, I have been concerned about and study the problem.
forced medical students to remember so much, it certainly has more medical students suffering from neurasthenia and other diseases. My teaching is not to sacrifice the health of medical students under the premise of a solid master more knowledge. This method is very simple: 1, the same dorm room with all grades of the students live, but it must be with a professional; 2, live in dormitories with classrooms of students should also be adjacent, so that low-grade student exchange venue not only confined to quarters (with the way to the classroom, recess, with the dormitory of the road), from high school guidance teachers in helping low-grade, while the knowledge to make their learning more solid; 3, high levels of English Low-grade students with higher high school English students.

many papers of no value, or the complexity of the simple things right, and there are page charges such a rule,Chaussure Foot Pas Cher, I do not want to do such a thing. In addition, the subject application, the executive more and more obvious, is difficult to apply ordinary teacher, dean and some of you keep control of resources to improve the relationship, in this environment, only the smooth and slick, and the subject, only funds protection. Academic colleges and universities now extends to the executive power was evident,Abercrombie Fitch, only to become academic authority, in order to firmly installed in the administrative position.
Yan: in which you play what role?

This is my personal experience is also a relationship. My mother was misdiagnosed, passed away prematurely. I love breast cancer,Mercurial vapor, made a pass equipment inspection, the shoulder was misdiagnosed as lumbar disc hernia, delay in diagnosis of the error the best timing of treatment, she died, I was on the court of the hospital.

Yan: long academic medical institutions, study hard, medical practitioners, the pass rate is not high if there are other reasons?

university graduates, to see the door, associate professor, teaching methods can not be implemented,GHD Planchas, the school this attitude be?
Lee: My World War II, the U.S. Army prepared to go to Europe to war, but some of the serious shortage of qualified personnel, according to the traditional method of training requires three or four years time. War obviously can not wait that long, the U.S. Army headquarters visited a number of universities and research institutions, educators and psychologists to listen to the recommendations, and finally launched a quick but high quality of teaching methods: There lived in a student dormitory specialized counseling teachers, students back to the dorm after class review, there are questions to be answered in time, there is an error to be corrected.

do graduate of Beijing University guard

Lee: Angel is a doctor, is killer, I hope that my teaching methods implemented, can shorten a time for students to become qualified doctors, students should learn to write clearly understand the knowledge to master. I have seen a report that Mouxiang Medical practitioners test for eight years did not pass the exam, but also adhere to services for patients, more impressive and so,moncler outlet, I do not know such a thing in the end is for the patient should be moved or sad? Now the rate of misdiagnosis is a sensitive topic, which hospital from what doctors do not want to expose wounds.

Yan: You publicly post, said the university graduates gatekeeper is to hype it?

Lee: Unfortunately, so far failed to implement. In 2003, I have to send this pedagogy vice mayor of Beijing Mr. Fan Boyuan, Fan is interested give me a call, we discussed nearly 20 minutes. Later, the mayor has done a range of relevant instructions, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Gaojiao Chu sent to research about this practice,Chang saidwith hundreds of relocatees involved, make relocatees The more stringent requirements, it is difficult to meet, so the road construction would drag things down, that may disrupt the existing order of teaching, but also mentioned the teaching order is to teaching effectiveness, then no below.

Lee: conditions may be related. Before the liberation of the West China Medical University, more than half of the students before graduation was eliminated, many foreign medical schools are strict exit, the doctor's high barriers to entry. Our students will come in, are all graduate. Sometimes encountered cheating students,more than 500 boxeswith hundreds of relocatees involved, make relocatees The more stringent requirements, it is difficult to meet, so the road construction would drag things down, teachers very tangled, let him, more than a killer, he uncovered, his parents send him to school reduced food diet is not easy, many parents have exhausted means and money to find them a good job. High level of medical students who are willing to stay in big cities, rural areas no one wants to go, we can only find some College students to fill the vacancy. This has resulted in two consequences, a long queue large hospitals, doctors work intensity, often misdiagnosed, many doctors in rural areas are not solid basic skills, but also often misdiagnosed.

Yan: the problem of misdiagnosis is the scientific community, developed countries can not be avoided, your approach can work?

university is beyond our control, we are more than a bunch of numbers, than the number of papers than research projects, a departure from the university's purpose, in fact the victims are students. In college, many teachers are busy and issues papers, no time to patiently answer students' questions, see one side is immune.
Yanzhao Metropolis Daily (hereinafter referred to as Yan): Why is a graduate of Peking University, claiming guards?
Lee: This is a long story. 1982 After graduation, I went to a biological institute. I volunteer entrance when the clinician, he was dispensing the drug chemistry. I was there for the institute,moncler outlet, to face a bunch of instruments and bottles and jars every day, not long on its hands. The next year, I went to the
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