American think tanks, the impact be?

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In the West, think tanks are very well developed, especially in national security and military decision-making is becoming increasingly important. There are research data suggest that the current in the world top 50 security and defense think tank in more than 90% are occupied by the United States and European countries.San Francisco 49ers HatsIn the U.S., exclusively or mainly engaged in the defense and security studies think tank row upon row, outstanding results, but also covers the government, civil society, universities and other aspects of the U.S. global defense strategy have a significant impact.Boston Red SoxThe U.S. government's peace Research, National Defense Science and Technology Committee, Institute for Defense Analyses, the Asia-Pacific Security Center is a veteran of the military think tank. The RAND Corporation, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington Center for the budget study assessed the civil defense think-tank representatives is renowned in the world. In the U.S. Center for Naval Analyses within the system there, the Defense Information Research Center to provide specialized consulting services for military construction research institutions.In Europe, world-renowned British defense think tank in Lancaster University Institute for Defence and International Security, Defense Royal Armed Forces Institute, Germany's Hesse Foundation for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Hamburg Institute for Peace and security policy, etc. are typical examples.Calgary FlamesUnlike specialized academic institutions, think tanks in these literacy extraordinary knowledge of researchers, but also in the country or the armed forces served in key leadership positions in the theory, practice double-Ying talent.Florida Marlins HatsIn the United States, think tanks and government personnel have a smooth conversion mechanism, this mechanism is called "revolving door." We are familiar with former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger served in the famous Harvard University Center for International Affairs think tank, "soft power" concept of the founder, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Joseph Nye also served • Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, the exit official role, he was returned to another well-known think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, Brzezinski served as national security adviser, former president of Columbia University served as director of the Institute International News, and so on.This "revolving door" system is both a think tank to ensure the high-end talent, to avoid the think tank instead of focusing on pure research into, and the think tanks that went into the implementation of policy makers around the impact of facilitated. Who would suspect that today's researchers will become tomorrow's secretary of state the president's national policies impact?Western defense think tank on national security strategy and military decision-making in the end can play a useful role? Only a few cases can be amazing.New England PatriotsKnown as the "brain camp" and "Super Military Academy," the Rand Corporation was first in the United States Army Air Force commander Admiral Henry • Arnold's initiative to establish. Pre-Korean War, the Rand Corporation had made the U.S. government, "China will send troops to North Korea" strategy predict and expect the price to $ 2 million will be transferred to the military report, and General MacArthur was proud noncommittal. When the disgraced 1953 MacArthur returned from the Korean Peninsula, he regretfully said: "Our biggest misstep is willing to tens of billions of dollars and thousands of American soldiers lives, but the prices mean a fighter."During the Cold War, RAND Corporation also successfully predict the "Soviet Union will launch its first satellite," and the overall design of the United States to compete with the Soviet Union's space program.For Chinese people, for the most familiar, but also the Americans are now in use in China "containment plus engagement" strategy is the intention of making the RAND Corporation.Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank, the American veteran of the folk, some big-name strategists on habitat here. "9 • 11" incident, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the first time the Bush administration proposed a "centered on Afghanistan, war on terror" proposal, and made seven specific points, the fact that the Bush administration's term of office a series of counter-terrorism strategy and the strategic planning of international research center height fit.Afghans war is over, the U.S. think tank "entrepreneurs learn" to the Bush administration proposed a "war against Iraq" proposal, the proposal adopted by the U.S. government, to the implementation of the strategy. While the Iraq War has ended, but until now, the "Proposal" also on the U.S. and global economic, political and military strategy patterns of a far-reaching impact.In addition, the "Star Wars", "axis of evil" concept of U.S. national strategy put forward so behind the think tank has a "brain waves" in the fast rotation.Western think tanks also committed to being a leader in the global discourse, "justice", "evil" label often by them to create and paste. Into words and ideas in the same time, these think tanks to sell policies advocated by the media and ideas, influence global public opinion and policy of his country. Data show that a single strategic and International Studies think tank, in 1986 and 1987 in twelve months, it was the world's media quoted the views of 4,000 more than 500 as much.
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References:Die sieben gesunde Ernährung
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