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Today I introduce a large headset ear Maibin fruit B-830-H, the appearance of the use of bright paint technology, the use of more leather cotton pad, which is also more comfortable to wear. The headset has a black and white to choose from, great sound quality. Bingo B-830-H headset technology to create the appearance of the use of bright, cool fashion show, and three-color gray with black and white for users to buy. The headset's microphone using short handle design makes it easy to think that it is a headset products. In this headset on, the ubiquitous banner mark indicates the identity of this headset. Bingo B-830-H conventional headband headset clip design, lined with cotton pads, ear larger beats by dre review, the plane of rotation in the headphones, but also fit ear, comfortable to wear.
Bingo B-830-H headset with remote control devices, and will make a volume control knob, not only to ensure that its use of time, and reduce the improper operation, this headset 3.5mm audio interface gold interface beats by dre, while this is a low resistance high sensitivity headphones beats by dre beats by dre review, very easy to push for the mainstream sources.
The Bingo B-830-H headset work to maintain the appearance and atmosphere of bingo consistent, quality performance of the interface between three sounds are in place beats by dre, with beautiful full-height light shell, coupled with a comfortable wearing experience, is like to bring headphones for listening to music quietly with friends.
Edifier M17 notebook portable speaker is a speaker, she is sleek, stylish, well-crafted, maintaining a consistently high quality standard walker. World Wide Web home network currently informed, Edifier M17 speaker price is 179 U.S. dollars, a friend might be interested in a lot of attention to it.
Edifier M17 speaker lines angular appearance, fashion beats by dre, beauty elements to highlight. Material to create a box by the high light, bright white body with dark gray barbed wire enclosures complement each other, simple and stylish, compact. Same button design is relatively simple, more convenient to operate. All interfaces are concentrated in the key of the next.
Edifier Edifier M17 speaker performance on the use of newly developed 1.5-inch high damping paper diaphragm speaker, NdFeB magnetic systems, pure sound sweet. At the same time have higher degree of functional integration, it has the U disk / SD card direct reading capabilities, built-in FM radio, AUX input, headphone output, dual power supply mode, miniUSB-powered interface, plus built-in 900mAh lithium battery to maintain power to make sound abundant. Large-capacity lithium battery is fully charged in a follow-up Air Force more than 12 hours.
angular appearance, has a strong sense of fashion. 1.5 inches high damping paper diaphragm speaker, can bring excellent listening experience. It also has a long battery life, a real notebook good.

recovery as a major rival Nokia

Large screen video shock
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