Half-Life hold up her husband with wife

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:13 pm    Post subject: Half-Life hold up her husband with wife Reply with quote

was not love, I do not know what love is, but as friends as contacts, I did not officially go to her house, her father is always traveling, but her mother saw her mother for me a very good impression, and that she shortcomings more, so help me help her.
her relationship with her parents very nervous. I heard her father often late at night drunk and the return home after the hit, curse, vomiting, her father was often beaten.
time to see her father, can not go empty-handed, had to take something. Left, her father said:

my family with full contact Anna for 16 years, and I get along with her father is not very pleasant.
treat me no money, and now are my mother with pension money. Remove health insurance can be reimbursed for the cost of treatment has been spending more than ten million out.

1993 年 2 月 5, 7 pm and more, I and Anna on a street in Beijing, met while skateboarding. On this day, I remember very clearly, because every year since February 5, we'll both be quite grand to spend this important anniversary.
me during chemotherapy, can not deal with the matter in April 2009, many lawyers and legal experts to help me to appear, there is no final court ruling we divorce.
wanted to have fun, she happened to more than 30 years of age can be divided into two equal parts: the first part, and her parents live; the second half and my life. For her future life, I feel very slim, of course, I have not care so much to let her go. In fact, she has now left home, left me, my thinking is feeling relaxed, playing a vivid metaphor, these 16 years, my body has always been carrying this heavy burden of her, and now she left, the burden fall off, while I did not irresponsible to discard it. So I have a clear conscience, I felt very relaxed, never relaxed.

time, near the opening of a university classroom, we read to the classroom after school hours, point the way to tell her I understand human nature. She was very willing to listen, and frankly, and she never talked about before these principles.


after 12 years of love, 2004, we married, based on a very complex emotion is love? Is friendship? Or other else ... I do not know.

2004 Earlier this year, my second cancer after surgery, I stubbornly stood up again, when the feeling is, I want to exist in front of their loved ones.

her character is very irritable, it will be installed. She lies more particularly fast, I laid bare to her, another lie they came up, which can be considered a personality characteristic, and I was numb. We quarrel,Moncler, she love angry, copy mop up what's hit me, I did not implement too violent for her.
oral / Hongyu finishing / Hu Qingbo
later, her father tried to get a red envelope and to do the wedding. Anna and I feel like a waste of resources, and not to do. Her father has been brooding on this matter,Moncler, we are married for several years, he still misses go through it.

I hold her with Half-Life
I love Anna because she was turning her father's frequent contacts with, and I think her father always wanted to dig our little corner house, such as her uncle was sick, her dad to let Anna see, also the way to make some money ... ...
Although I did three operations, but I am normal in every respect and the same. Anna 5 o'clock in the morning to go out, 19:00 back more. I often make the rice, and bath burned, she entered the room the first thing is take a bath, then dinner. Sometimes she would wash the dishes, and then lying on the couch watching TV, I watched it and fell asleep. I waited for her to sleep almost, her back to the bathroom, let her brush your teeth, then her back to bed, give her a quilt cover.
met • friend • love


I Tarzan

I always ask her what time to spend a short ah? So many things happened, short it? She would like to be denied what is it? Many of the key things are in these 12 years there, including the purchase. Although we live in this house this house is her name, but it should be our common property. That year, I side with chemotherapy, while the site, complete the procedure, test fitting room and then later, after spending more than a year.

Since then, Anna has three times away from home money and goods in an attempt to avoid the emotional and economic legal marital obligations. During my treatment, her condition of my life and turn a blind eye, even in December 2007, my spouse signing the much-needed surgery, the hospital refused to sign. When I was introduced whole body was filled with tubes operating room, she in the hospital corridor, said no, but the excuse of

At first, her father does not agree with our marriage, and finally fail to beat Anna, began to be a bride price. Said to me: preparation for renovation and purchase of household appliances.
Anna did not know how long I found that she was particularly fond of lying, often behave recklessly and wantonly. Sometimes I will buy her some small gifts, such as that card. At first she will be very happy in the chat, she will somehow produce a rage, and then little by little hands breaking off pieces of card, eyes full of hatred. I just do not understand the feeling and shocking. All this was in my eyes, are not naive children, with age, will gradually adjust over. And it turned out, this is not possible.

Perhaps for this reason, and she is very strong dependence of I, do not run into things and communicate their own homes, listen to me, including voluntary reporting when the university entrance exam, college students and how to get along, find a job after graduation, I have no lack of help.

2007 . After finish this thing, we wander a lot of other things, she would like to take the mop to hit me, I grab the mop over the floor, she angrily kicked the mop, the big toe kicked out of the blood. The results, she called her father, said to be home a few days, they never come back to live.
court to discuss management
I think Anna's performance constituted abandonment behavior. I do not understand, we love and live for 16 years, I wholeheartedly help and guidance, she slowly took the life of the track. From normal social norms and ethical point of view, when I in trouble, my wife Anna, how can so unfeeling? Her behavior to make my body and mind has been a great blow to the hospital I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. And her present attitude, treatment and rehabilitation of my had a serious negative impact on my quality of life and mental state into a bad situation, and is further deterioration.
of course, for me, have put down the burden of joy, but also the kind of halfway frustration.

let me introduce my basic situation. I am a 36-year-old suffering from cancer three times, and this may be difficult to understand most people do, but the fact it happened to me.
Therefore, in June 2009, in accordance with the , will be charged to my wife Anna, Chaoyang District People's Court made its ruling couple support each other to fulfill its obligation to pay my monthly living expenses and medical expenses 3,000; and I happened to pay the medical expenses, living expenses and treatment costs associated with the process.
1994 beginning of the year, the first cancer,Moncler, I stubbornly stood up, feeling that life was a rebirth, had not previously been noted, everything around became so beautiful.
a meeting, her dad and I said the old unit so and so they died of cancer, and then looked back at me, repeating:
2008 in July, in my mind is extremely vulnerable to chemotherapy after surgery, she was a .

me and Anna in the ups and downs, ups and downs Ke Hum gone through 16 years, looking back to see if less outside interference, and allows us to live a calmer, I think we will continue to go to.

2007 In December, my third cancer,Moncler, after surgery I stubbornly stood up, the others told me that I was strong! In these encourage me, comfort me and help my good man,Moncler, but did not figure my wife Anna.
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