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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:35 am    Post subject: A professor Dong Fan microblogging users Reply with quote

@ Buying Fei: Fortunately, my father told me not to say.
Re: big niece ah, no money will be happy you.
@ Halei micro-cents: Uncle ah,Peuterey Sito Ufficiale, I think wow, your students happy, happy to be.

many netizens also force Tingdong fan's point of view, that success should not taboo to talk about money.
micro-Bo Beijing Normal University professor requires students to have 40 million net worth of 40-year-old

@ mountain stream Yunfei: the high level of education, poverty means disgrace and failure? Poverty is not necessarily economic,doudoune ralph lauren, but also may be spiritual.

@ NewQueen: the moment the developers, but the government of the blood-sucking pipe, nothing proud, today's Chinese society, make a lot of money quite hard to clean,  我确有坚强活下去的理由据介绍,珠江委调查组此行目的是为了评估该事件对于人畜饮水安全的影响,以及对南盘江水质和沿江下游水质的影响。经调查,事件所在地曲靖市麒麟区今年属于50年来旱情最为严重的年份,有效降雨量少、大面积干旱,供水安全和水资源保护形势十分严峻。6月份曲靖市区域有少量降雨,雨水将非法倾倒的铬渣冲刷,淋溶到附近水体,导致部分牲畜饮用积水后死亡。, do not know how to look Dong Fan.

● It is only inspirational to my students about it, they basically went into the business.
Re: is shame.

@ stainless steel dinosaur that is Tingdong the teacher's remarks! Will be asked to quantify, can be able to inspire students to fight! ... ... People who contributed to the state to take the main reward is huge bonus!
Re: little, but I said that today's students 15 years later.
Re: put your son to me here.
graduate courses, said:
@ Changhua Wu TCG: we always talk about his son, to humans to do a useful, valuable, but too ashamed to let his son how much wealth.
14 am yesterday, Dong Fan in the micro-Bo, for the off.

● I wish the world who love money are rich common prosperity.

■ microblogging dialog
Re: wrong,polo ralph lauren, no farmer has a wealth standings.

Re: What time is. You do not want to marry a destitute person,Moncler Sito Ufficiale, at least to live worry-free, right? I feel you are living at ease, but you have money, but deny its role.
Re: very complex,abercrombie france, twelve can not tell. Our education is always ashamed to talk about money,moncler doudoune, but everyone wants to get rich.
@ Jiaotu 2032: life, if only for the money, do not read.
@ WilliamQiang: Dong teacher should have 40, and I did not expect that you have worth as a teacher, much stronger than the science and engineering professor, and admire!

Re: your father very much hope you make a fortune.
Re: Money is not everything, no money is totally unacceptable.
● My concept of wealth is not proud of the rich the poor, the poor do not envy the rich.

● I accept that they are not rich but poor students can not be tolerated.
● high-quality students, but I still need encouragement.

■ viewpoints

Re: I do not, but students should have ... they usually have to enter the business community. 15 years later, only about 40 million may be only 10 million today, do not ask.

Cultural Industry Research Institute of Peking University Professor Chen Shaofeng that Professor Dong Fan view a little extreme. First,polo ralph lauren homme, the teacher than the students in addition to academic, not what is required. Teachers to teach academic research capacity, with the net worth does not matter. Secondly, the students made this request and Real Estate Research Center,louboutin pas cher, academic research institutions such as the nature of inconsistency. Do not taboo to talk about successful money

friends 40 million? What are the criteria of success? 40 million? Many occupations, industries, education and ability can not create wealth.

> Related reports:

@ Snow girl Mom: When fortune into success criteria?
4 月 4 日 16 At 1134 hours Beijing Normal University professor, Ph.D. published micro-Bo Dong Fan, said: --- This is my students graduate requirements. ... ... a large contribution to society, but also help low-income, and to avoid their own, their families and relatives to become a burden to society. for high levels of education, poverty means disgrace and failure. p> a friends that has caused heated debate, because people believe that fair competition by the conformist, never to be downright fraction of 40 million.
@ Wu Xi High: do you go to the university!
● other students forties forty million estimate is equivalent to several million today.
statement [microblogging]

yesterday,abercrombie and fitch, the micro-Bo Dong Fan said in a statement,

@ 2053490893 environment variable heart: to become your students fail to meet your request,Moncler, a teacher of shame or disgrace students?

@ bits Yu Xiang: What, now your students,vetement ralph lauren, how many 40-year-old man reached out?

survey: How do you see micro-Bo Beijing Normal University professor requires students to have 40 million net worth of 40-year-old?

A professor Dong Fan microblogging users
shoot the teacher can only make demands on students' academic
Re: No more a failure on the university.
a netizen said that in a normal society, money and social contribution is basically the same. We do not taboo to talk about money, a high level of education than poor work life or your ability to have problems, or social values ​​embodied in question.

have friends that: Dong Fan's educational philosophy is reasonable, graduate students is to work to get higher wages, competitive comparison is ultimately reflected in wages.
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