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New Year’s flavor from Yangliuqing (
Updated: 2009-02-17 11:45

2009-02-17 11:45:07.0New Year’s flavor from YangliuqingWoodprint New Year paintings11046891Art2@webnews/enpproperty-->
Chinese people are used apt decorat their homes with New Year pictures (nianhua) during Spring Festival, as a character of New Year’s greetings. They are usually placed on doors or walls,to defense off malign spirits plus bring good-looking luck to the family.

Woodprint New Year paintings, one of the most distinctive wood-block craft forms amid China, are trusted to first appear during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

The myth works that Li Shimin,author of the Tang Dynasty,constantly had nightmares nearly ghosts. In order to exorcise bad nightmares the emperor ordered two of his commons Qin Qiong plus Yuchi Jingde,apt guard the door of his bedroom always night.

As it was impossible as the two generals apt guard him every night, the emperor asked artists apt paint their portraits plus paste them aboard the door,beats by dre,accordingly creating the “door gods” which have transformed the major subjects of much woodcut pictures.

The New Year woodprint painting form has waned within popularity surrounded modern times,only a few workshops still remain.

There are several leading production bases as New Year pictures across the country - Yangliuqing within Tianjin, Mianzhu within Sichuan Province, Wuqiang amid Hebei Province, Zhuxianzhen within Henan Province, Yangjiabu Village resemble the eastern metropolis of Weifang, Shandong Province,plus Taohuawu amid Jiangsu Province.

Of forever these, Yangliuqing New Year pictures are generally considered the best-preserved, with the largest stock of lofty quality vintage woodblocks plus sketches onward artisans from centuries antecedent.

Yangliuqing New Year Picture : from yesterday apt today

As a main kind of people woodcut New Year pictures,Yangliuqing New Year pictures are labeled after its production zone - Yangliuqing Town of Tianjin. With a history of 600 years Yangliuqing New Year pictures inherited the painting traditions of the Song (AD 960-1279) plus Yuan (AD 1271-1368) dynasties and preoccupied the marrows of woodcut paintings, craftworks plus stage arts of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644).

Yangliuqing New Year picture enjoyed its heyday among the Ming plus early Qing dynasties. From the quite beginning, Yangliuqing New Year picture craft catered apt the tastes of alter social classes from ordinary peasants,metropolis residents apt emperors of the Ming plus Qing (AD 1644-1911) courts.

The richness of sub-genres plus varieties of the people art itself attracted much ancient intellectuals to participate among the creation of New Year pictures forward contributing sketches of diagrams outlooks birds plus flowers that were more refined than maximum of those produced according craftsmen of Yangliuqing pictures who only received training amid the human art’s skills.

In the empire of Emperor Qianlong amid the Qing Dynasty, of the 30 villages among Yangliuqing Township, there were over 300 art studios with at least 3,000 folk artisans engaged within New Year picture production,local records show. And on the three main avenues of the township applicable there were hundreds of craft marts selling New Year pictures plus additional human masterpiece goes in at least 2,ibeats headphones,000 varieties,louis vuitton, catering apt the claims of consumers in North plus Northeast China provinces.

Over the years the traditional folk art was aboard the brim of extinction. The paintings were rejected as a form of superstition subsequently the founding of New China amid 1949,but within the countryside villagers still bought them to decorate their homes.

In the 1960s,monster beats, it finally recovered its splendor plus amended the craft with the support from the new authority.

For instance,amid the early 1980s,planters in Yangliuqing Township started to open small studios.

The old site of Yuchenghao, handicraft lab of Yangliuqing New Year picture

The old site of Yuchenghao, handicraft lab of Yangliuqing New Year pictures

Now Yangliuqing New Year pictures are a jewel plus adored along folk both at family plus abroad. They are exported to Italy, France,moncler, Britain, Belgium, Japan, Canada, the US, Singapore plus Mexico.

Themes and Features

The themes expressed in New Year pictures cover a wide scope from plump babies to the Old God of Longevity, from outlooks to birds plus flowers, from the ploughing cattle among spring to the rich crop within autumn. Human diagrams constantly show artistic exaggeration,but the message within all pictures is all appealing fortune festivity or additional fine things such as the crane alternatively the peach which symbolizes a long life, the plum or peony which namely a mark of good fortune and happiness.

Thanks apt its wealthy themes,polished patterns plus agreeable colors, the Yangliuqing New Year pictures are very popular among the countryside,monster beats, where equitable ahead the Spring Festival,every household ambition be busy doing spring washing plus pasting colorful pictures alternatively periodical cuttings aboard their doors, windows, walls, even wardrobes and stoves.

One main diversity namely the chubby and lovely babies with both lotus within their hands or carps among their weapon The image Liannianyouyu features a chap holding a lotus surrounded his hand and a goldfish among his arms “lian“ amid “lianhua“ (lotus) stands for its homophone “lian“ within “liannian“(continuous years) plus “yu“ (fish) as its homophone “yu“ accessory Taken affix “lianianyouyu “gives the meaning of “enjoying boom yearly subsequently annual.
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