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"Goodbye Gilderoy"

Copyright ©2006 Gwendolyn_Archer

This illustration takes place after Gilderoy has zapped his memory with the "reversed memory charm" and has just been taken to Saint Mungo's. Gwen has just enough of an ego to be dismayed that the man who once challenged Snape to a duel for her, no longer knows who she is.

Snape, well...he's thinking that life just keeps getting better and better. (for now)
The only thing that could have made Snape even happier at that moment is if Harry had been expelled.

Tags: Snape, Severus Snape, Potions Master, Original Character



April 13th 2006, 8pm
Gosh. That's much more than awesome, it's perfect, adorable!!!


April 13th 2006, 11pm
Thank you :)

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