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Rating: NC-17. Created: April 11th, 2017. Updated: April 18th, 2017. Read Reviews (0)
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Again, Harry Potter and most of these characters belong to J.K Rowling. 


Ch. 2- Celebrations and Temptations



When Lily apparated home, no one was there so she went straight upstairs to shower then lay in bed. She didn’t have to be at work for a couple hours.

Why did it have to be him? If it had been anyone else, she would’ve agreed to go out again. Hell, she almost said yes to him.  He gave her the best orgasm she’d ever had, and they didn’t even shag. Great, now I’m thinking about him naked.  Lily knew that this would become a problem.

She could not deny that James Potter was extremely attractive. She had no trouble admitting that to herself. But if anyone asked her she would never confess to it. He infuriated her much of the time, and if she admitted her attraction people would confuse that for actual feelings. He isn’t that bad anymore, though. He doesn’t bully anyone. That was true. By the end of sixth year they had become, well not friends, more civil to each other. He stopped asking her out as often, although the attempts never stopped. Basically, he was growing up.

Lily rolled over and closed her eyes. I wonder what he thinks of me now. She had always been looked at as a perfect rule-follower to most of the school, but her closest friends knew that wasn’t the real Lily.  The real Lily liked to drink and party and yes, shag. She skipped class sometimes and got away with it because she was such a good student. She also secretly loved when the Marauders pulled pranks. She always thought they were so clever and couldn’t understand how they managed to pull off half of them.

An owl tapped on her window. She walked over and opened it up. The speckled animal swooped in and stuck out its leg for Lily to untie the parcel attached to it. She turned it over and opened the letter with the Hogwarts seal on it.



Dear Ms. Evans,


As Deputy Headmistress and head of Gryffindor, I cannot tell you how proud I am to inform you that you have been chosen for the position of Head Girl. You have worked very hard for this and I have no doubt you will thrive in this role.

As usual, term begins on the 1st of September. A list of your books is attached as well as your badge.

Congratulations, and I will see you at Hogwarts in the fall.




Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress


She shrieked with joy as a badge with the letters HG on it fell out of the envelope.  



When Lily got to work, Alice Prewett was already there. The girls decided they wanted to work at the Leaky Cauldron for the summer, and Tom, the owner was all to excited to have their help. Since their arrival, the number of regular customers had gone up substantially. Of course Lily and Alice were all too willing to flirt shamelessly for extra tips, so that had the men coming back. 

"Hey Lil!" Alice said as she set down two drinks on a table with a couple of rowdy-looking wizards.

"Hey Alice, how's it been?" 

"You know, the usual. Starting to get busier. Tom is in a bit of a mood. Hey did you get your Hogwarts letter?" She looked at Lily eagerly. 

Lily laughed. "Yes..."


"You're looking at the new head girl!" 

She squealed and hugged Lily. "I knew it! I’m so happy for you!" Lily laughed. Alice was one of Lily’s best friends, and they were alike in many ways. However, where Lily could be stubborn and short-tempered, Alice was one of the sweetest girls in school, and she seemed to get along with everyone. She had an ability to laugh things off that Lily envied. She also knew what she wanted to do with her life. While being an auror wouldn’t be an easy profession, Lily knew that Alice’s fierceness and bravery would help her excel.

“Okay, we have to celebrate. Tomorrow night you’re off right?”

“Alice its not exactly celebration worthy. But I would like to see the girls so lets do it. Yeah I’m off.”

“Great. We’ll party ‘til dawn and then pass out at Marlene’s!” She clapped her hands.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Lily said and went to take someone’s order.




James couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had only been a day and a half and he was dying to see Lily again. Dying to feel her under him, touch her…

“Stop thinking about it.” Sirius interrupted his thoughts.

“Ugh. I can’t help it! It’s like I find out there’s this whole other side to Lily and were back to fifth year. I’m crazy about her.”

“When were you not crazy about her?” He asked, lighting up a cigarette and passing the box to James.

He took one and lit it with his wand. “You know what I mean. Last year I got better at controlling it. I’d been trying to mature for her. Now its like I need a cold shower every time she crosses my mind. Just the picture of her in my button down, fuck.”

“Okay stop. We are going out and getting you laid tonight.”

“Fine. Let’s get the boys to come too.”

Four hours later Peter and Remus arrived at James’ house.

“Ready to go?” Remus asked.

“Not quite. You know Sirius. The hair must be perfected.” James said, rolling his eyes.

“Oi! Padfoot! Five minutes or we leave without you.” Peter called upstairs impatiently.

“Easy Wormtail, I’m ready!” Sirius said, appearing at the landing.


They apparated to an alley behind a bar they liked. When they went in, it was already very busy. People were dancing and singing along to the music, which switched off between muggle and wizard/witch bands. They finally found a table and sat down. James went to get firewiskey for everyone.

He was on his way back to the table when it happened. Someone shoved him to get to the bar and he spilled all four shots of firewiskey onto the person next to him.

“Oh my god! Ahhh” She gasped, staring at the liquid going down her dress.

“Oh shit I’m so sorry…” He looked up, and saw, to his horror “Lily?” She looked incredible. He had to consciously keep his jaw from dropping. She was wearing a black, skin-tight dress with spaghetti straps and a lace trim. It looked more like lingerie than a real dress. Her hair was wild again, but she had some of it back in a small clip so he could see her flawless face. She didn’t wear a lot a ton of heavy makeup like most of her friends did, but her lips were cherry red and so tempting.  

The redhead looked up. “Oh hey James!” Her breath smelled like firewhiskey and rum, but her perfume was intoxicating. She pulled out her wand and cleaned up the spill.

“I’m so sorry I spilled on you. I swear it was an accident,” Lily shrugged. Stop being an idiot, she’s drunk and doesn’t care. “Can I, er, buy you a drink?” She held up the two full drinks in her hands and shook her head. She began walking away and, feeling bold, James followed her.

“Heyyyyy finally! I was wondering- James! What are you doing here?” Marlene McKinnon asked.

“Hey Marlene- I just ran into Lily. Remus, Sirius, and Peter are over there.” He pointed to their table.

“Well tell them to come join us!” Mary McDonald said as she took a shot. James laughed.

“Alright, I’ll go get them.”



Lily giggled when the boys joined them. Mary was a bit of a slag, but she had always had a thing for Remus. She sat next to him and started stroking his arm immediately. Alice was talking with Peter and Marlene and Sirius had gone off to dance. Lily couldn’t get the other night off her mind and the firewhiskey was making her bold.

“Hey again.” She smiled at him.

He laughed. “Hey there, beautiful.” Lily blushed.

 “So no disguise tonight?”

“Nope. What brings you girls here?”

“Oh, were celebrating.” Lily tried to hide a smile.

“Ah, and what is it you are celebrating?”

“I’m head girl. It was Alice’s idea.” She giggled again.

“Yes and we have not toasted to Lily yet!” Alice interrupted. She waved at the waiter walking around and he came back with a tray full of shots.

“To Lily- may she go down in history as Hogwarts’ greatest and most dishonorable head girl” Mary exclaimed. They all drank.

“I wonder who the Head Boy is. I thought it might be you, Remus.” Alice said just as Marlene and Sirius sat back down.

“Thought Remus might be what?” Marlene asked.

“Head Boy.”

“Oh so you told them Prongs?” Sirius asked, taking one of the spare shots.

“Er- no.” Lily looked at James. Now Peter, Remus, and Sirius were laughing hysterically.

“What is he talking about?”

“Damn you Padfoot.” He looked at Lily. “Yeah so, I’m Head Boy. Don’t ask me why, I think Dumbledore has really lost it this time.” To James’ astonishment, Lily laughed.

“Thank God.” She said when she caught her breath.

“You aren’t upset that we’ll be working together?”

“Meh. I was just nervous it would be Snape or some other Slytherin. At least you have good hygiene! I think I would be forced to resign if I had to share a bathroom with one of those grease-balls for an entire year.” For some reason, Lily felt excited that James had been chosen as Head Boy. She also knew exactly why Dumbledore chose him. He was a natural leader.

“Well I’m glad you think so highly of my cleanliness, Lils. It won’t be too bad sharing a bathroom with you either.”

“C’mon, I think its time we all danced.” Mary said, grabbing Remus’ hand and dragging him to the dance floor. Everyone followed.

“M’lady?” James asked, offering his hand to Lily like a gentlemen.

He is so cheesy sometimes; it’s adorable. She giggled and took it as he spun her so he they were pressed against each other.

He grabbed her hips and they started to sway to the music. “Now this feels familiar,” he whispered in her ear, boldly pressing his groin into her backside.

She blushed, but listened to her instincts and turned around to face him. She put her hands around his neck. “I liked this better” She thrust against him once, doing a sexy body roll to make it discreet. His hands moved from her hips to her butt then back again.

“Merlin, Lily I want you.”

“I know.”

“So what are we waiting for?” He looked at her with hopeful eyes, smirking his famous smirk. She was about to agree with him when she suddenly remembered that this was Potter that she was dancing with. He’s an arrogant toe-rag, remember? It doesn't matter how sexy he is. She reminded herself. But oh, what he did with those hands; that tongue…

“James- we…we can’t,” it still took all of her will power to say no.  Feeling his bulge on her lower stomach was making her feel hot and wet between her legs. And now his hand was trailing up her thigh.

“But we can…tell me it wasn’t amazing for you and I’ll stop.” She didn’t want him to stop. Get it together Lily. She finally came back to her senses and pulled away.

“Goodnight James.” She said soberly, and ran out of that bar and apparated to Marlene’s before he could follow her.



James stood in the middle of the dance floor, completely dumbfounded. Lily had seemed to be having a good time. He would even venture to say that she was flirting with him. Hell, she had thrust her hips against his and put her arms around his neck; who was he kidding? Lily had been all over him. He couldn’t understand what he had done wrong that made her run off like that.

“Mate, what’s wrong? Where’s Evans?” Asked Sirius, coming up with Marlene in front of him swaying back and forth.

“Left. Ran off.”

“Why? What happened?” Marlene asked, looking concerned.

“The fuck I know. We were dancing and suddenly she just said goodbye.” It wasn't the complete truth, but he wasn’t sure if Lily would want her to know that he almost fingered her on the dance floor.

“Women. The mysterious creatures are only good for one thing.” Sirius said and Marlene hit him.

“Alright then, Alice. Time to round up the troops. Lily already left but we have to find Mary,” Marlene grabbed Alice’s arm from a stranger.

“There she is!” Alice waved at Mary who dancing with Remus. Mary saw Alice and, apparently deciding it was her last chance, grabbed Remus’ collar to pull him down so she could kiss him. He was surprised at first but he kissed her back for a few moments before she pulled away, whispered something in his ear and winked.

“Alright, you guys ready?” Mary smiled as she walked over. Alice and Marlene laughed as they saw Remus frozen with bulging eyes.

“I love you Mary. C’mon, Lily’s already at my house.” They said goodbye to James and Sirius and walked out.


“Damnit! I swear I was going to get with McKinnon tonight. I blame you Prongs.” Sirius said when the girls were out of earshot.  James laughed; it would never happen.





Lily was pacing the room when she heard the girl’s come in.

“Hey! Why did you leave Lil?” Alice asked as she started to change into her pajamas.

“I, uh, didn’t feel well.”

“Lily Evans, you are the world’s worst liar. This totally has to do with James Potter!” Marlene laughed.

Lily didn’t want to tell them, but she knew she couldn’t lie. They knew her too well. “Fine, maybe it does. A little.” The girls giggled and Lily rolled her eyes.

“Okay, tell us everything.”

“Well it started two nights ago…” And she told them about meeting ‘John’ when she was in disguise and how it turned out to be James.

“So it’s true then? He’s…you know? Well endowed?” Mary wiggled her eyebrows and smirked. Lily blushed. 

“Definitely well endowed. But more importantly, he was an expert at… pleasuring.”

“Really?” Alice said.

“Yes. Which is why I had to run away tonight. I almost left with him. It was one thing to accidentally do that with him but knowingly hook up with Potter! How could I let myself get that close?” Lily punched a pillow and the girls looked at each other. “What, what is it?”

“Its just…” Alice struggled “we don’t think James is that bad. He’s grown up a lot since even last summer. And obviously you guys have the chemistry. Anyone who has eyes can see that. You looked like you were having fun with him tonight. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you gave him a chance, Lil.”

Lily stared back at them. “You guys think I should give Potter a go?” The three girls nodded.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine. I will think about it, but no promises.” Truthfully, she had been thinking about it herself and she was glad her friends convinced her. 

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