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Darkness Calling: The Last Death Eater by Someone

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Rating: NC-17. Created: January 23rd, 2015. Updated: April 7th, 2015. Read Reviews (0)
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I was in the kitchen making myself some toast when the doorbell rang.

Mum put down her spatula - she had been making dinner, which wasn't to be for another couple of hours yet - hence the toast - but there were fancy preparatory bits - and began to untie her apron.

"I'll get it!" I cried, springing to my feet. I ran out of the kitchen into the hallway and fumbled for a minute with the keys. Eventually, I got the door open, and stood aside to let the visitor in.

 She was a very official-looking woman. She had black hair screwed up into a bun and square glasses and she wore a long dress and coat.

 "Good morning." she said in a sharp, crisp voice. I stepped aside and let her in.

Mum led her into the living-room and gestured for her to sit down. She cast an approving eye over me. "Am I to understand that this is Josephine Thompson?"

 "Yes." Mum replied. "Why, do you want to speak to her?"

 "I do." she said, and I sat down on the sofa next to Mum.

"My name is Professor McGonagall, from Hogwarts School." she began. "Before I explain my purpose here, I must first explain to you something that you have been told is nonsense all your lives." She paused. "In this world, there are people that we call Muggles. This is you, Mrs. Thompson. However, there are also people who can perform spells - witches and wizards." She paused here, and we stared at her in amazement. Mum looked as though she thought Professor McGonagall was having her on, but I - who had always been considered an imaginative child - believed her entirely. She continued. "It is quite common for witches and wizards to be born to non-magic people - as I said before, Muggles. I am here because the Ministry of Magic has identified Josephine as one such witch."

 "Oooh!" I said, at the same time as Mum said:

 "I don't believe you. You can get out of my house and take your Muggles and your Ministry of Magic with you!"

 Professor McGonagall smiled. "I often encounter that approach. Do you have memories of strange incidents surrounding Josephine? Perhaps when she was between seven and nine years of age?"

Mum nodded. I knew she was thinking of the time I cut my fringe off because I didn't like it, and overnight, it grew back so that I could get it done properly by a hairdresser, or perhaps the time I flew into a redwood tree to rescue a cat, or maybe even the time I had planted a row of tulip bulbs, and within thirty seconds, a previously empty flowerbed was alive with fully-fledged chrysanthemums, roses, narcissi, bluebells, poppies, dahlias and asters - and not a single tulip in sight!

 I smiled. I knew she was won.

 "So, presuming Posy is a witch," she said, "What are we to do?"

Professor McGonagall smiled again. This was plainly the bit she had been waiting for. "As I said, I come from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is necessary that Josephine is provided with schooling, to avoid detection by Muggles - in the cases of Muggles with wizarding children, this is unavoidable - and Hogwarts is the only wizarding school in the country. There are no fees, and a bag of wizarding money will be presented to you to cover the cost of uniform, books, a wand, and other necessities. Will you send Josephine?"

 Mum thought for a minute. "Yes." she said eventually.

 Professor McGonagall smiled once more. "Good." she said. She pulled a letter from out of her pocket. "Please read this. Most children only get the letter, but Muggle-born witches and wizards must have someone from the school to come and explain to them. Good day." And she let herself out.

Once she had gone, I turned to Mum. "All things considered, I'd say you took that rather well."

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