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Darkness Calling: The Last Death Eater by Someone

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Bellatrix Black took another step along the dimly lit corridor. She felt her heart thudding in her chest - Ba-bum! Ba-bum! Ba-bum! Ba-bum! - as she neared the wooden door.

"Nox!" she whispered, and her wand-light went out. She shivered, and she wished that she had had time to put on a thicker robe. But she had dressed in a hurry, and snuck out before her sisters could wake and see her go.

But she had to see him. She had to meet the Dark Lord and become one of those great wizards, his loyal slaves, the Death Eaters.

She got to the door at last, gathered up all her courage, and went in.

All the other Death Eaters had gone, and the Dark Lord was alone in the wide, spacious hall. Bella approached him nervously, and knelt at his feet.

"So, at last, one of the fabled Blacks deigns to join the ranks of my loyal servants." he said in that high, cold voice, and Bella was certain that she could detect a hint of a sneer. "Tell me, which sister are you?"

"Bellatrix." she said, still not looking up. "The eldest."

"It must be a great honour for me to have you among my ranks." he sneered. "Unless, of course, you have come for some other purpose?"

"Oh, no, my Lord." she gushed in terror. "The honour is all mine, for I would like nothing better than to serve you."

"Arise." he commanded. His voice sent shivers down her spine, repulsive yet attracting, so cold and yet so inviting. "You are my first female Death Eater. Thus, for you, I have a very special task, and also, a very special initiation rite."

"Anything, anything for you, my Lord." she said as she rose to her feet.

"You must find" he said, "a child for me. One who is in attendance at Hogwarts, one who no-one will suspect, and you must bend him to my will. He will perform countless tasks for me and, when the time is right, he shall leave Hogwarts and be inducted into the ranks of the Death Eaters, in a position of honour at my right hand. By this time, his work will be done. We shall have overthrown the Ministry of Magic, and, with his help, Hogwarts, and, Bellatrix, while this boy is at my right hand, you shall be at my left. Do you understand, Bellatrix?"

"Yes, my Lord." whispered Bella, almost inaudibly.

"Then let me seal it." he whispered, his voice equally low. Suddenly, he darted forwards, then he held her in a grip of iron, pulling the bottom of her robe up at one side to touch the bare skin of her thigh.

He tugged at her cloak, and she gasped nervously as the clasp flew undone, the pool of black velvet hitting the floor. Her robe followed, her slip, and his sharp nails slashed at the lace of her knickers so that they hit the floor. She wore no bra.

Standing naked in the cold hall, Bella shivered, then cried out as the Dark Lord pushed her down. He pulled up his robes.

His silvery-white manhood was erect, and it was short and thin, like a brittle twig. He thrust it inside and she gasped. Even his most private parts were sharp as knives. He pulled out and thrust in again, and she winced and cried out.

They kept at this painful dance for some time. It was the same on both sides: no pleasure for her, no pleasure for him. At last, he came inside her, Bella flinching, gibbering in fear, wondering how he could do this when he had no love, no mercy, and wondering whether he would kill her. This hadn't been how she had planned on losing her virginity!

She was glad to gather up all her clothes, and begin to put them on, but the Dark Lord held up a finger. He took his wand and pointed it at her womanhood. He muttered an incantation and Bellatrix felt a blinding, burning pain as the opening sealed.

"Now no other man can reach you." he told her. "It is so that you will always remember your vow to me."

She succeeded in holding it together until she was well into the passageway whence she had come. Once in there, she burst noisily and violently into tears, her new master's words echoing in her ears behind her:

"Remember, Bellatrix, the child! I don't care if it takes you sixty minutes or sixty years, just get me my child!"

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