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Introductions for the Little

The raven-haired, bespectacled, seven-year-old boy walks stealthily up to a girl with shiny red hair. The Girl, with her back facing the boy, is sitting down comfortably on the grass, reading a book. The boy takes a quick glance at some nearby bushes, as if looking for reassurance, before he reaches out and combs his fingers shakily through The Girl’s red hair. She gasps and looks up instantly, frowning.

“What are you doing?” she hisses. Her forehead creases and her tiny little nose sticks up.

The boy coughs discreetly. “Touching your hair,” he squeaks. There is a quiet snigger that rings from somewhere in the bushes. The Girl doesn’t hear. Either that or she simply doesn’t care.

“Why?” she asks.

“It’s red. I like red.”

She raises an eyebrow at him, looking surprisingly intimidating for a seven-year-old. The boy flinches. “You’re an odd sort, you and your friends,” The Girl says. She stands up and strides toward the bushes with an air of admirable cool. She reaches behind the bushes with blind aim but still manages to catch something.

“Ow!” shrieks the thing behind the bushes. “Unhand my ear, filthy female!” A different boy shoots up from the bushes, a disgruntled, indignant look on his face. He scowls at her and sweeps his black hair away from his seemingly eternally sweaty forehead.

The Girl releases the reddening ear. “I know the other two are there, too. There’s no use hiding, really.”

The heads of two other boys pop up from under the disheveled leaves, one looking shameful, the other slightly jumpy. The former, quite scrawny with sandy brown hair and a kind, soothing look to him, turns to her and says, “I told them not to. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Remus, don’t be such a pansy.” The black-haired, sweaty boy with the striking grey eyes and no glasses turns back to the girl. “We’re not sorry for anything, Lily.” He hisses out her name with disgust, making it seem as though it is poisonous, lethal, and has cooties.

The first boy—the one with darker, messier hair and bad eyesight—walks over to join them. “Hi,” he greets as though they had only just seen each other, “I’m James. This is Sirius, Remus, and Peter. How did you know there were four of us?”

“I saw yesterday.” She looks them over. “I’m Lily, but you know that already. How?”

“We heard yesterday.”


“We just came to welcome you to the neighborhood. I told them to just give their names and shake your hand, but Sirius here decided to dare James instead,” says the one called Remus. “James doesn’t like to turn down any dares.”

Lily studies him. “Do you all live there?” She points at the big house across from hers.

“No,” says Peter. “That’s James’s house.”

“But we’re always around here anyway,” explains the savage named Sirius, slumping down on the grass as he does so. “So we’re as good as your neighbors, too.”

Peter looks at Lily closer. “Hey look, James. Green eyes.”

James looks closer, too, to see if Peter is speaking the truth. He is. James smiles as the others crowd around Lily, leaning in to see for themselves. “I like your eyes,” James grins.

Lily stares blankly at all of them. “Thank you.”

“Hey, Lily, d’you think we’re batty?”

Lily turns to look at Sirius. “Yes, quite.”

Sirius whoops. “See, Remus? I told you we’re crazy.”

James rolls his eyes. “­You’re crazy, Sirius. We just seem crazy because we’re always around you.”

“Besides,” Peter says, “Mrs. Potter said that being crazy isn’t anything to be excited about.”

Sirius jumps up from where he is sprawled out on the slightly parched grass. He walks over to stand beside Lily, but makes sure that he is far enough from her to keep their arms—or any of their limbs—from touching. “They’re so mean to me, Lil,” he sniffs. “Lads, I’d hate to do this, but I’m changing al… allia… er… friends.”

Remus smiles. “Alliances.”

“Nobody said that you were allowed to talk, Remy.”

It’s then that Mrs. Potter decides to call them all in for cookies, smiling and graciously inviting along their “charming, new friend.” James thinks that his mother has very good timing. If she hadn’t called, Remus would have hit Sirius with a big-word scolding, and Sirius’ ego would’ve been wounded for the best part of the day. That is never good. He usually refuses to play any games with them, skulks in the kitchen, and keeps all the ice cream to himself.

James has more than once requested that Remus stop reading any more books. He figures that if Remus stopped, he wouldn’t learn any more hard words, and they’d be able to have as much ice cream as they want. There’s really no way they could lose.

“Coming, mum! Hey,” James says, turning to look at Lily, “you want to go? Mum makes bloody good cookies.”

Sirius grins cheekily just as Remus’ face contorts into a disapproving pout. “Your dad told you to stop saying that. It’s a bad word, James.”

“Are you gonna tell on me, Remus?” James asks, suddenly looking shifty.

Remus thinks for a moment before he lets out a resigned sigh. “No.”

“You’re a good friend.” James turns back to Lily, a toothy grin plastered unfalteringly on his face. “So, you coming with?”

Lily peers curiously at him and his friends, seemingly in deep thought. “Sure,” she says finally.

“Great,” says James.

“Perfect,” says Remus.

“Brill,” says Peter.

“Right on,” says Sirius, who is peering curiously at the bottom of his foot. He twists his nose in disgust. “Gross.”

/chapter one


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