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Lovesick by Permanent Accountficexchange

Rating: PG. Created: February 6th, 2010. Updated: February 6th, 2010. Read Reviews (4)
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A gift for elementi




She inhaled, and the smell of him washed over her: broomstick wood, fresh air, everything that made her think of flying freely outdoors – and then they were kissing passionately, her arms around his neck, his hands running through her hair. She pressed their bodies together as she deepened the kiss; he groaned into her mouth and began gently lowering her down…


Professor Slughorn looked at Ginny Weasley, who had abruptly collapsed and lay twitching on the dungeon floor, a rapturous expression on her face. "Oho!" he murmured with interest. "I've never known Amortentia to have that effect on someone before!"










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