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At the Bottom of the Drawer by this_girl

Rating: PG. Created: November 20th, 2009. Updated: November 20th, 2009. Read Reviews (2)
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-         This is the clock upon the wall –

Molly Weasley has always trusted her clock.  It always tells the truth.

So when every member of her family is stuck on mortal peril, Molly’s heart breaks a little more each and every day.


-         This is the war that’s never won –

Either way someone loses.

Already so many from each side.

Harry thinks, as he takes that final blow from Voldemort, that no side truly wins – not really.


-         There is a title we can’t win no matter how hard we may swing –

He could’ve done it. Fight then and there, one word and Potter would be gone.

But he saw her face, and Severus knows that not matter how much he wants it, Lily will never be his.

Pictures of You-One Republic

Great song, was very easy to write to from what I can remember

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