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At the Bottom of the Drawer by this_girl

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Rating: PG. Created: November 20th, 2009. Updated: November 20th, 2009. Read Reviews (2)
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It wasn’t particularly awkward until three days after.

You had had small conversations, about total rubbish and you told him you loved him and he returned the favour.

One day you round a corner and spot him flirting with some fifth year, at least you think he is until he marches away angry and he catches sight of you, frozen to the ground in fear, hurt and complete shame. He takes you in his arms and whispers softly, “You gave your all to me, and I’ll do the same.  You’re it for me.”

All fear, hurt and shame is gone.

Ahh if only the first time aftermath was the same for everyone eh?

I made this for Bee...Babe is they tap they better not gap!

Love Ya chicky

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