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Glimpse by MarauderNumber5

Rating: PG-13. Created: September 22nd, 2009. Updated: July 4th, 2014. Read Reviews (163)
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The day she realizes the way he is in her mind is completely
different than the specimen staring back at her from the photo in the Daily
Prophet, she wonders where the time has gone.

She wants to go back, back to the way they were. Back to
when he was hers. Or at least she pretended he was.

It’s been three years since she last saw him; last spoke to

She thinks of multiple scenarios where she could approach
him, tell him how she feels, but those thoughts come from the groggy moment
before sleep is wiped from her eyes, the morning sun filtering through her

If it ever came down to it, her heart would race, panic
choking her, and the only thought in her mind would be how gorgeous he is and
how much she wishes the plain girl next to him was her.

The girl he’s with is mousy, eyebrows nearly non-existent,
smile too wide, eyes too big, hair straight and boring.

Her curls, she thinks, are so much better, her crooked
smile, almond-shaped eyes, all so much more thrilling.

He will always be out of reach, slipping through her grasp; much like butter.

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